Flying Fidget Drone
Flying Fidget Drone

Flying Fidget Drone

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Tiny Toy Drone Flying Fidget Spinner Stress Relief Gift Flying  Gyroscop Toy


  • Take the spinner between your thumb and forefinger by holding the bearing,make sure the bearing lid with logo is facing up.

  • Switch on the device, the blue led light will flicker.
  • Keep the device horizontal and balanced, spin it clockwise rapidly.
  • Release your fingers when the motor start working, it can flying in the sky and the device spins stably.

  • High quality

  • Vent toy

  • Material: ABS

  • Power supply: USB charging


  • Item type: Top toy
  • Applicable: Unisex 7+
  • Color: black, navy blue, red, white
  • Size: 83*83*83MM

Note: Keep balance before use, and it is not easy to tilt when rotating. The flight time is very short.

Package includes:

  • 1 x Flying Finger Top with USB cable