[WR] Terraria Speedrun – Moon Lord 1:34:54 – No Seed – (1p

[WR] Terraria Speedrun - Moon Lord 1:34:54 - No Seed - (1p
For everyone who actually watched and enjoyed the video (sorry the obnoxious weeb music) thank you all. I’m very glad you liked it. And I’m happy those years of speedrunning actually means something now on youtube 🙂

Playlist : https://imgur.com/a/xAIyh + https://imgur.com/a/CKgeA
Go all the way down in the description for exact timecode

Dupe glitch : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzpmnbDe36o

For everyone else that blame me for glitches … It’s a speedrun, ofc i’m gonna use glitches.
And yes i’ve already cleared the game dozens of time without glitches or/and bug abuses. I’ve cleared it in multi, moded, solo, alpha versions, anything you name it. Stop being so ignorant and telling me play the game in a “good way”.
It is a speedrun.
And if I enjoy speedrunning the game with glitches you can’t blame me. If you’re not happy with the run, you can go watch some 2h30 minutes glitchless run I made, because yes I made some since you can’t check this channel’s videos by yourself (or go check my twitch)

FR : Par avance, je tien à m’excuser pour le lag sur la vidéo (Explication plus en bas)

seed : 774792797

Record complétement explosé 🙂

Grosse grosse run. Merci le glitch de duplication & plantera en 7 minutes. J’ai encore failli fail la run contre le cultist.

Sub 1h30 possible avec le glitch mais hors de question de le tenter. Il me faudrait la même chance pour plantera + une exe parfaite sur tout ce qu’il se passe après. En plus de la chance pour la position des pilliers.

Glitch utilisés :

FPS full screen glitch.
Slime Saddle Glitch.
Duplication glitch.

L’explication du lag est assez simple. Je voulais profiter d’un bug du jeu qui permet de crafter des items à la vitesse de mes FPS (Vu que je tourne à +500fps sur le jeu, je peux craft très vite les items dont j’ai besoin en grande quantité) Et pour ceci il me faut le mode plein écran. Hors en plein écran le timer n’est pas visible avec shadow play.
Donc j’ai du utiliser OBS et malgré quelques test, le pc a apparament trop chauffer pendant la run (à cause de mon skill) et ya eu énormément de lag pendant les fights. Vraiment désolé 🙁
J’en suis le premiere déçu.

EN : I want to apologize for the lag on the video at the begining and the end of it (Explanation down below)

seed : 774792797

I definetly destroyed my previous run time 🙂

Huge, huge run : thanks to the dupe glitch and plantera within 7 minutes. I almost failed the run agaisnt the cultist, again !

sub 1h30 is actually possible but i’m no near close to try it out. Having such luck on the map + luck on plantera + perfect execution over the pillars + luck on pillars placement. All of it makes it really painful to run. I’m running this game because of the map randomness, which is really fun to play with, but I can’t run the game over and over knowing that I have some 70% of chance to reset at plantera. I achieved the time I was aiming for since the begining (sub 1h35) and I’m really pleased with that 🙂 I’m done with the game until – at least – the 1.4 version of terraria

Glitch used :
– FPS Full screen speed glitch (Having fps uncapped make crafting way more faster)
– Slime Saddle Glitch
– Dupe Glitch

So the lag comes from OBS (mainly). Since the full sceen glitch is only doable in full screen, and since i can’t have a timer over my game while i’m in fullscreen, i had to record with OBS and not Shadowplay. But OBS is really CPU dependant and mine is kinda old. So my pc actually overheated and some lag appeared when there was too many projectile on screen (In the end) or when the map is generated (at the begining). Im really really sorry for that. But I had no other choices there ;(

Since many poeple complains about the music, welp i’m sorry but having 1500+ hours on terraria, it’s hard to still enjoy the music after 8h of run ^^’ (Even tho Im still listening to it on youtube)

Musiques :

00:00 RTRT – Mili
2:53 Brandberg – Anubis
6:47 Jake Hill – Pewdiepie outro extended version #2 (Prod. SumDude)
8:20 Trifect – Pocari
11:20 ARVFZ – trckrtrt
13:45 Deja vu – Initial D
18:10 Ram Jam – Black betty (1977 version)
23:40 Center of the universe – Kamelot
29:08 Doom – At Doom’s Gate E1M1 remake by Andrew Hulshult
32:20 Seven Nation Army (Glitch Mob Remix)
36:40 Nero – Satisfy
41:29 GTA V – Welcome to Los Santos Soundtrack
43:57 Dot Animation of Hatsune Miku – Romantic Love
47:50 Zelda Wind Waker – Dragon Roost Island Acapella.
51:11 Krewella – Surrender The Throne
54:25 Swimming Inside Pools _ Chuunibyou x Kendrick Lamar
59:48 [MV] Lim Kim(김예림) (Togeworl(투개월)) _ Awoo
1:03:05 Nippontradamus – Extended Remix
1:05:55 Devil May Cry 3 – Devils Never Cry
1:11:11 Braumix | League of Legends Community Collab
1:13:00 YUC’e – Sunset Tea Cu
1:16:08 Platinum Spice
1:17:40 FUCK EVERYTHING | Dan Bull
1:23:10 Dance Till ur dead
1:24:28 Shiki(TMNS) – Senpai [MajorLeagueWobs Remix]
1:27:26 Everybody’s Circulation – TMABird
1:31:11 gmtn. (witch’s slave) – furioso melodia

[WR] Terraria Speedrun – Moon Lord 1:34:54 – No Seed – (1p