Wii Sports – Luigi Time!!! Special Edition

[Mario Plush Video] It’s Wii Sports the musical! Join Luigi on an athletic musical adventure, as he sings original lyrics all about Nintendo’s Wii Sports. Sing along while Luigi coaches out of shape Wario to his death in this comedic video game review! This video is a remake of one of StacheBros’ classic Luigi Time episodes!

You can check out the original video here:

It’s another-er sports game!
(Play right here, fans will cheer, fun is near)
Hit, smack, pun-ching attack it is all surely here.
Soar, fly, it is time to die
In the boxing arena of death man!
It is called Wii Sports!
Playing games of all sorts!
(Of many sorts)
You’re exhausted, who cares?
You won’t pay fares!
Cuz you’ll be running to your next bus stop!
(To your next bus stop)
Until kerplop!
(Oh my gosh it’s getting hot!)
Keep on training fatty!
Until you become a pro like-a-me!
(Become like me!)
It is now, or it’s never!
(Now or never)
We can faint together!
(Oh Yeah!)
Sweaty: that’s not for me, you can do that outside!
Play, dudes: destroy them with pride!
They are covered with local Nation Wide!
(Nationwide is on your side)
Play baseball and they’ll “Woo” you!
Drop the ball and they’ll “Boo” you!
(They’ll disapprove)
Playing Tennis: not bad
Golf is just sad
And boxing can just drive you really mad!
(Makes you really mad)
You must feel rad!
(Find the Weegee in you!)
Exercise til’ you’re blue
And then we’ll have a problem it is true!
(It is the truth)
I think this man’s sick
(Think this man’s sick)
Someone please get a medic!
Right Now!
Wee-gee: he’s number one cuz he’s having much fun!
On courts, play the latest imports!
It is called Wii Sports!

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Wii Sports – Luigi Time!!! Special Edition
Wii Sports - Luigi Time!!! Special Edition