Wii Sports Club – Baseball Champion Match – Enrique

This is me playing Baseball for Wii Sports Club.
And I’m playing against the champion for this discipline.
Plus the same pool of team-mates since your first baseball match.

It is absolutely vital to master your batting skills, as it’s the only way to score points. Enrique will be throwing a huge variety of pitches to keep you and your team-mates second guessing your swings. Hitting the ball is one thing, but trying to get your Mii’s onto the bases is a completely different matter altogether. Especially the rival fielders showing no mercy to your hits.

When you’re fielding, try not to make your pitches too easy for Enrique and his team to hit. Sometimes, it’s better to stick to the same pitch that’ll have a better chance of sending them packing. Rather than using a variety of throws.
And don’t fumble your catches, or you’ll pay the price.

If you can beat him, you’ll be able to weld a metal bat. And we’re talking about a medieval bat, it comes with spikes!
Just hold down the 1 button with the Mii select screen displayed, and press A. Just like in Wii Sports.

Recorded with Avermedia Game HD II @1080p

Wii Sports Club – Baseball Champion Match – Enrique
Wii Sports Club - Baseball Champion Match - Enrique