Video game allowed player to shoot up a school

Video game allowed player to shoot up a school
Gaming company Valve was set to release “Active Shooter” on its online platform Steam. The game allowed players to assume the position of a SWAT officer or a gunman at a school. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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Video game allowed player to shoot up a school

20 thoughts on “Video game allowed player to shoot up a school”

  1. They might as well ban that yandere simulator game in America too it's basically the same thing isn't it?

  2. Honestly this could have been a good thing. Instead of actually shooting up a school, maybe just do it online where no one can get hurt. This would allow kids to release anger instead of doing it another way…

  3. why are people always saying oh its inappropriate or this is a bad influence like bruh its a fucking game you fucking morons. i get it school shootings since columbine yeah all that shit but its a way to relieve stress for people who actually have intentions on shooting the school up. jeez people are actually this dumb and whats worse is they are adults

  4. You guys know there's a jfk assassination game too right? Get fucked. Nobody cares. Report on something worthwhile. Some actual news would be nice. Just because nobody watches this trash anymore every news report is about how videogames are evil and social media is the devil. "Stay away from that youtube, i hear its a bad egg". Constant attacks on every form of information or entertainment that isnt fake and scripted to fit whatever narrative your pushing today.

  5. "this game might train the next school shooter" 0:50 *video game AI chick pauses, then runs directly at the shooter*. yeah what a realistic simulation….lol

  6. Your pussy got wet and hurt it's just a game I don't see no one saying nothing about that complete saga about human trafficking game San Andreas shooting rival gang members or what about Grand Theft Auto when you have a shootout with the police so you go around shooting innocent people come on now people grow up it's just a game

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