Top 5 Reasons to Play a WARLOCK in World of Warcraft

Top 5 Reasons to Play a WARLOCK in World of Warcraft
Currently in World of Warcraft, there’s 12 classes to choose from (druid, hunter, mage, paladin, priest, rogue, shaman, warlock, warrior, death knight, monk and demon hunter) and if you’re a new player or even an old player looking to make a new main or an alt, picking a class to play can be a pretty tough decision so hopefully, this will help make that decision a bit easier. In this video, we’re going to countdown my top 5 reasons why you should play the Chaos Bolting, life draining, demon summoning warlock in World of Warcraft!

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— Top 5 Reasons to Play a WARLOCK in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth —

5. Raid and Group Utility
4. Transmog
3. Gameplay Variety (Affliction, Destruction, Demonology)
2. Demons
1. Green Fire Questline (WoW Vanilla – Druid Quest – Aquatic Form by Pa7rik Gaming) (WoW Vanilla Warlock Succubus Quest by Marco S) (WoW Vanilla – Paladin Quest – Tome of Divinity by Pa7rik Gaming) (Warlock Green Fire Questline Full Playthrough by Nobbel87)

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Top 5 Reasons to Play a WARLOCK in World of Warcraft

19 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons to Play a WARLOCK in World of Warcraft”

  1. Some of us figured this out more than 10 years ago.Still playing to this day,dont even have alts

  2. The best reason to not play one is EVERYONE is going to be playing them. With the massive Demo overhaul and seemingly strong beta damage output people are flocking to warlocks like crazy right now. My guild already has 4-5 people confirmed wanting to play it. I had been considering playing one myself even before the ptr changes were made available. But after I seen how flavor of the month they would be, I chose something else cause trying to find a guild/groups when there's infinite other warlocks around would end up dreadful.

  3. I’ve mained a lock since MoP , Draenor and Legion have destroyed Warlocks utility a lot and versatility , stuff doesn’t flow correctly it’s like 1/3 of the abilities compliment each other well but the wrong areas for that spec

  4. I like the idea of warlocks, but in Legion I found them excruciatingly boring to play. Affliction especially.
    I'll stick with Warrior for now.

  5. Best starter classe IMHO are pallies and druids. This is because u get to experience the role of a tank, dps and healer in one class. You get into more raids and dungeons as you can fill out any role the team needs. Also druid travel form for farming is very useful as its instant cast.

  6. I agree with all your reasons! I use to only main classes that had tank and/or heal specs because I was afraid I would have a harder time getting into groups. In legion I got really into my warlock after initially maining holy pally, and ended up switching mains because affliction was so dam fun!(happened to be crazy powerful for most of the expansion too 😉) BfA destruction looks amazing and affliction seems to be staying in a good place so, yea no reason not to main a lock again…the changes to demonology make it look so fun that even if it’s not good for raiding or dungeons, I’ll probably still play it for solo content a lot just for how it looks aesthetically…thank God for no more ap grind on every spec 😃

  7. Funny, I play as a Warlock and I am afraid of the gutting they are administering to my class and particularly to my spec, affliction. I have played a Warlock since the Beta. I feel that there are dark times ahead for my class.

  8. My old teacher told me that when I'm strong enough, I can summon nothing but imps to kill my foes. I opted to use fel fire instead. Nothing like burning flesh in the morning.

  9. Just got in the lock train again couple weeks ago. Tried beginning of legion but the constant class changes were horrible enough for me to not look back till now

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