Top 10 Video Game Characters Who Are A Joke

Top 10 Video Game Characters Who Are A Joke
Top 10 Video Game Characters Who Are A Joke
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Some of the best video games are the ones that star complex and dynamic characters. They’re the protagonists that fuel you to keep pushing through even the most difficult of levels, that challenge the way you perceive the ideologies that a game explores, or they’re simply endearing, making players want to dive into a title for hours on end. But unfortunately, not all of our favourite games have the privilege of great writing or thoughtful characterization, and often, we run into individuals who are flat out cringe worthy or laughable. So today, we’re taking a look at the characters that made you roll your eyes, getting super vicious with your mocking or shout out in frustration with our list of the top 10 video game characters who are a joke.

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Top 10 Video Game Characters Who Are A Joke

14 thoughts on “Top 10 Video Game Characters Who Are A Joke”

  1. Dan Hibiki is a parody of Art of Fighting protagonists Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia more than just as a rip-off of Ryu

  2. I'm surprised Bubsy didn't end up on here. He's worse than Big the Cat, and what do you mean Gen 4 of Pokemon was "bad"? It had great Pokemon, just saying.

  3. Duke Nukem is not a creep. He was always intended from the beginning to be a joke character in that he was a pastiche of 80s action movie clichés.

  4. Emperor velo xxvll what a joke his basically doing what nitrous oxide is doing destroy eath unless you def him in a race. They should of had nitrous oxide come back for revenge. Putting emperor velo xxvll in crash nitro kart what a joke and his a robot and turned out to be one of those little creatures.

  5. Magikarp doesn't deserve to be on this list. It may suck, but at least it can become a fierce badass once it evolves. You know what pokemon don't ever become useful? Unown, Dunsparse, Swanna, and Basculin, just to name a few.

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