Top 10 Most SATISFYING Video Game Moments

Top 10 Most SATISFYING Video Game Moments
You know those moments in games that you just want to play over and over again? Nick shows you gaming’s most satisfying moments ever!

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Top 10 Most SATISFYING Video Game Moments

17 thoughts on “Top 10 Most SATISFYING Video Game Moments”

  1. Nah, you guys missed the real #1 moment in gaming, though I want to mention several others that you shamefully missed;

    – Calling down a Nuke in CoD MW2
    – Finding a piece of Legendary (top tier) gear in a looter
    – Getting an Assassination/Showstopper in Halo
    – Getting Play of the Game in Overwatch
    – Unlocking a really hard/rare Trophy
    – Shutting down an opponent's Ultimate ability in Destiny/Overwatch (bonus points for a headshot kill with a throwing knife)

    And the #1 best feeling in a game ever? Popping Genji's Dragon Blade in Overwatch and murdering the entire enemy team with it. And there are some pretty awesome Ults in OW, but none are as satisfying or visceral as his <3

    *honorable runner up goes to Destiny (1st game) and wiping an enemy team with your super – paritcularly if it's a cross-map nova bomb coming down from the sky on a bunch of helpless bastards trying to grab heavy ammo <3 <3 <3

  2. I agree with number 1, considering my best friend and I name our rivals after each other.

  3. I get that feeling too when I open up some new yugioh cards.

  4. another great one is in plants vs zombies 2 where there are millions of zombies in one lane and you just use a one hit kill plant on them

  5. Most satisfying moment is getting 100% beating halo on Legendary or seeing your custom character in cutscenes

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