Top 10 Facts – The Legend of Zelda

Top 10 Facts - The Legend of Zelda

John Deley and the 41 Players – Seeger


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Top 10 Facts – The Legend of Zelda

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  1. I'm an old guy now been playing video games since the 70s not hardcore just occasional gamer The legend Of Zelda on the N64 was the best game I ever played it was the only game that I ever became completely immersed in , the game play , the story and the music were just absolutely spot on . Nothing has ever come close to that experiencefor me in terms of any games played before or since …Legend Of Zelda N64 still the best game ever made in my humble opinion .

  2. If they make something it can’t be live action and should be made by a Japanese studio

  3. I am as much interested in seeing Zelda as a movie as seeing Tetris or Pac Man as a Movie.
    Why the fuck would anybody want to do that?

  4. Literally everything you said about link was wrong. He does age, he has parents, his hat and clothes are completely different besides the idea of tights and a pointed hat, their faces vary wildly from link to link and not even their hair is the same. What normie trash is this?

  5. Ugh, Link ages. What made you think he doesn’t age?

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