Top 10 Best & Worst Crash Bandicoot Video Games

Top 10 Best & Worst Crash Bandicoot Video Games
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Top 10 Best & Worst Crash Bandicoot Video Games
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Our favorite pants and sneakers wearing Bandicoot has just as many good games as he has bad, good thing his best is legendary! Welcome to, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best & Worst Crash Bandicoot Video Games!

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Special thanks to our user Luis Abreu for suggesting this idea.

#5: WORST: “Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D” (2008)
#5: BEST: “Crash Twinsanity” (2004)
#4: WORST: “Crash of the Titans” (2007)
#4: BEST: “Crash Bandicoot” (1996)
#3, #2 & #1: ???

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Top 10 Best & Worst Crash Bandicoot Video Games

19 thoughts on “Top 10 Best & Worst Crash Bandicoot Video Games”

  1. Some honourable mentions would've been nice, Crash nitro cart, Crash xs, crash bash, crash n-trances ect. Maybe even an honourable mention to sky landers imaginative as a nod to the game that brought Crash bandicoot back to consoles after 8 years and had a decent level to celebrate the 20th anniversary.

  2. "Trying to copy mario 64"
    This game was already in development when mario 64 was announced. It was released in the same year

  3. If you guys do one like this for Spyro and dare to put the entries for the Legend of Spyro trilogy in the WORST categories, I will be extremely upset about it. I'm the current head of a large fangroup on DeviantArt for that trilogy and will not tolerate hate spewed upon it.

  4. Wait. Ah fucking minute lol I fucking forgot about crash bash that was one shit it's been ah minute

  5. The first 3 are ruined now since the shitty trilogy came out they fucked it up good sad to say just makes all the other crashes great

  6. See now… Crash 3 was pretty boring and unmemorable for me due to the fact that it gets repetitive and dull… Seems harsh and all… But it's true… The first warp room has 2 classic crash platform stages out of 5 stages! And even at that, one of those is a running away level… I'm not saying it's a bad game… I just don't enjoy it as much as other titles… Even with the platform stages… They get dull after a while, with lack of themes to them, I get a feeling I've done it all before and it gets annoying…
    3 medieval stages, 2 Dino stages, 3 Arabian stages, 3 Egyptian stages and 2 Futuristic stages… Those are the only platform stages in the game… Making 13 levels platform levels out of a game with 32 stages to it… It's still a good game… I just don't like it that much for that fact

  7. Unpopular opinion, but I loved Mind Over Mutant. The whole open world aspect was really cool IMO and I loved the different styles for cutscenes

  8. I'm fairly certain that most who criticise crash of the titans and mind of mutant aren't so much critical of gameplay styles as much as it was a complete overhaul. the fact that the characters are cheap knockoffs of the originals is insulting and can make one think that the game is trying to monopolise on naughty dog's successes.

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