Everyone hated Call of Duty Advanced Warfare… But I liked it…
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Tráiler oficial de Zombis de Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 - Caos
Scarlett Rhodes quiere resolver la misteriosa desaparición de su excéntrico padre. Con la ayuda de tres leales proscritos, tendrá que luchar contra oleadas de no muertos hasta descubrir una reliquia cuyo extraordinario poder es una amenaza para toda la humanidad.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 incluye la mayor oferta de lanzamiento en el modo Zombis con tres experiencias completas: IX, Travesía desesperada y La sangre de los muertos. Con las nuevas aventuras y los nuevos personajes, el modo Zombi de Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 volverá con una jugabilidad y unos huevos de Pascua a la altura de lo que esperan sus fans.”
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Tráiler oficial de Zombis de Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 – Caos

35 thoughts on “THE “WORST” CALL OF DUTY EVER…”

  1. So many people hated on this game but I actually thoroughly enjoyed it… I could care less about the stat changing variants. Let me know your thoughts about Advanced Warfare in the comments section!

  2. AW was an amazing game much better then the latest cods. The worst cod was deffo infinite warfare.
    I got higher in the beta than the actual game

  3. This game was very good for COD franchise. Variants gave people a reason to grind, and it made YouTube COD again. TTK and Hit detection were also great. The downfall started with infinite warfare, not AW and BO3. I wouldn’t mind an AW2

  4. I really miss the stat changing variants, game me a reason to grind and when i got what i wanted i got a huge energy rush which motivated me to play more

  5. Honestly my favourite cod, when it came out it was a new twist on cod and was random but at the same time not. Yes it was kinda pay to win, but if you did put in the time and you had atleast some skill you could easily beat a 0.5 kd player with a speakeasy. Btw the insanity was the best gun by far

  6. Ww2 was stale, it has alot to do with the fact that every outfit was in a supply drop and you couldnt grind for what you wanted you just had hope you get luckyin supply drops

  7. I remember selling variants for XP and almost quitting the game because I accidentally sold my hbra3 insanity and could never get it back. The only legendary thing I ever got was the free ronin helmet but I was still good at the game and the only thing I didn't like in that game is that it was hard to quickscope because the sight was too slow so most people would use iron sights for the MORS or just not wait for the sight to load and hope for the best lol

  8. Mejoren esos pinches gráficos! Parecen del 2014 ala berga! No les cuesta nada hacerlos mejores que los de WWII

  9. Nose cansan de comprar lo mismo cada año ,pero con. Diferente ambientación literal les venden los mismo yo .

  10. Muchos Hablan Que Será Un Fracaso Por que No Compite con Fornite Pero Vamos!!! El que es Fan De La Saga Siempre Amara Este Juego Digan Lo Que Digan!!!

  11. Los 2 escenarios del barco y el coliseo,serian un mismo mapa?
    Solo digo :v
    Talvez ay q activar algo para teletransportarse al coliseo y estar ahi x cierto tiempo y después regresar al barco

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