The Terraria Queen (Bee)

The Terraria Queen (Bee)
Episode 11 of my Terraria Calamity Playthrough! With commentary / reactions.

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Terraria is a great game made by Re-Logic. It blends elements of classic action games with the freedom of sandbox-style creativity. Terraria is a unique gaming experience where both the journey and the destination are completely in the player’s control.

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The Terraria Queen (Bee)

18 thoughts on “The Terraria Queen (Bee)”

  1. Also for the skeleton fight you want to have the flare bolt with an arena that has lots of walls and platforms so the bolts can bounce off of them and hit skeleton multiple times to just murder his health.

  2. use the slime saddle on skeletron because you can jump on his skull when its spinning

  3. Merg if you need to farm a certain item use a Zerg potion and a battle potion at the same time the spawn rate is unreal just be careful, if the enemy's are too strong they can overwhelm you

  4. You should totally play: Just Shapes and Beats. It's kinda like Undertale in the gameplay aspect.

  5. merg i watched minute ago Q&A for 10.000 subsribers and if you like hard games so you can play ultimate custom night (fnaf) on gamejolt and you can then do face reveal ;P

  6. Ya know death mode queen bee used to have a gun XD

    And btw when u beat skeletron next episode try combining 50 bones and 7 lead u will love it

  7. Skeletron tip:
    Craft like 50 Molotov cocktails (it shouldn't be too hard, he main ingredient is sand) and just chuck them everywhere, i did that and it took out the hands almost instantly

  8. Hey merg! I wanted to say that im an idiot. I defeated wall of flesh easily. And then. 20 seconds later my world was like over corrupted. There was an corruption near my house (not really near)
    On the right side. Im doing stone brick 6×3 method for stoping corruption i didnt go to left side but i will se if something bad happened. Anyways Monsters are way too hard. Corruptor keeps attacking me then toxic sludges also come and make problems. I did 6×3 method near jungle and corruption but some sort of a big bug bunnies killed me. I think i will have to reset all over because of my stupidness i need something better..can anyone help me to.stop corruption from spreading?

  9. U play terraria?? Well I like this channel even more now!! I might start playing this game again on ps4 keep up the good work merg

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