The Downsides of a Constantly Evolving Game (League of Legends – Doublelift)

The Downsides of a Constantly Evolving Game (League of Legends - Doublelift)

A League of Legends video essay about important topics: League’s constantly changing meta game, reworks, patches, viewership (is League dying?), patches, etc.

Hope you enjoy, please let me know what you think about this type of video/style.

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The Downsides of a Constantly Evolving Game (League of Legends – Doublelift)

18 thoughts on “The Downsides of a Constantly Evolving Game (League of Legends – Doublelift)”

  1. Only a few selected champions can be played in Botlane
    Rip riot they’re ruining everyone fun

  2. DL was right in general. Imo this no adc meta is the worst I ve ever seen and to be honest I quit watching lcs. I just check the results to know what is going on. For me the best patch was on season 5 in worlds when they buffed most of the league champions and you can see Darius and even anivia again after so many years. It was the best worlds imo because the team picks were so different from game to game and so unexpected. I miss that.

  3. This ADC change is just a first step towards killing the game. Mark my words if Riot is left unchecked with this the game is going to die.

  4. This is amazing. Now lets wait for RIOT to see this, cuz they really need to. Good Job Pee-tur

  5. Melee is a game that has only ever had (technically due to disc version updates) two patches. Players have recently been taking characters thought to be bad to top ten characters with recent meta developments.

  6. I remember when I first was getting into league with my friends I played almost everyday just because learning it was so fun and there was so much to learn. I don’t have a problem with the changes so far but I can see where they would get annoying for people who have been playing champs like Aatrox, Irelia, and Swain their entire league career. As for me I’m a Singed main and couldn’t have been more happy to see the changes they made to him, he is now a menace and god tier champion and I thank riot for that, great video tho

  7. Fuck that old Atrox was worthless you either carry to hard or fed way harder not a middle ground, with this new Atrox at least there is a middle

  8. You are so right.
    As one who played League from the early days and mained Poppy I cannot tell how sad I was and still am that they basically removed her form the game.
    Instead of having a diving, assasin type champion they made her a tank and even changed her grumpy personality to a happy one. All yordles are cute and happy now. Would it be so hard to keep her type?
    If you love something for years and play it so much that you are actually good at it, even when it is bad compared to all the powercreep meta stuff and now it's gone forever… that hurts so much and ruined my motivation to play.
    Hell I bought all her skins too, basically for the trashcan now… 😓

  9. This video was extremely well crafted and executed. The editing and points being made were both straight to the point and elegant. Really liked this type of analysis video, hope to see more.

  10. I think these patches are good but like doublelift says I don't think they should ever do a full rework to champs because of the people who put thousands of hours into the champ, I'm not a one trick but i have played many many games with Akali and of this rework is going to make her a new champ to learn, i may as well pick up another champ i already kinda know rather than start from 0.

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