The BIGGEST Cave Ever! – Let’s Play Vanilla Terraria – Gameplay : Part 3 (PC/Mobile/Xbox/PS4)

The BIGGEST Cave Ever! - Let's Play Vanilla Terraria - Gameplay : Part 3 (PC/Mobile/Xbox/PS4)
Welcome back to our Vanilla Terraria Let’s play! Today we decide to begin on the Hellevator that leads to the bottom of the map!


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The BIGGEST Cave Ever! – Let’s Play Vanilla Terraria – Gameplay : Part 3 (PC/Mobile/Xbox/PS4)

15 thoughts on “The BIGGEST Cave Ever! – Let’s Play Vanilla Terraria – Gameplay : Part 3 (PC/Mobile/Xbox/PS4)”

  1. you really need to run left to the dungeon where the old man npc is and break the books until you get the water spell.
    it'll make killing and finding floating islands so much easier

  2. the teal mushroom u got does not mean u are close to the mushroom biome unfortunately. they spawn randomly and are used to make dyes

  3. Ter-rare-ia is how ur supposed to pronounce it

    Also you can press ctrl to use smart cursor to help u mine and place walls

  4. Try getting some Wormhole potions, if you press M you see your map and you can click on your friends heads if you got the Wormhole potion, then you teleport to them, and a very good tip, do some fishing, you can get crates and those give some good stuff

  5. please learn to use full screen map your not using it i think its m or tab i cant remember but i know there is one

  6. Mining tin is pointless, also the ores have sorta copies of themselves depending on the world,
    Tin = Copper
    Lead = Iron
    Silver = Tungsten
    Gold = Platinum

    Also to use the wormhole potion you just click on the FULLSCREEN map which is the default "M" but you can change that in your key bindings

    Also when mining you should use your Smart Curser (Left control) or something like that and will go to the next block so you don't need to consistently move your mouse (Better to use while mining)

    Hotkeys are really helpful like "B" is a Buff hotkey and will use potions in your inventory to well buff you, and "H" heals, which will just quick drink a healing potion

    Right-clicking on the minecart rails will make you ride a cart along the rails

    Go to the Jungle Biome which has enemies that poison you, but they have giant caves with lots of chests with pretty good starting loot

    (Like this so Royal can see, as well reply something else I should add)

  7. yo this is poggers af i love terraria but its one of those games you love for a month then take a 6 month break from then come back ya know

  8. When you say "full screen" map you switch to the background map
    There is an actual full screen map check your keyboard bindings and you should be able to find the key for map
    Also right clicking on rails should mount you into a mine cart

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