The ‘Alien’ Game I’ve Waited 30 Years For | Nostalgia Nerd

The 'Alien' Game I've Waited 30 Years For | Nostalgia Nerd
Organism is the name of that game. Organism for the Commodore 64. It’s a game soaked in Alien lore (or something akin to it), albeit without an official licence, and I’m here to play the living hell out of it. Along with a review, I’ll be exploring the Alien films and how they fascinated me, along with an collector’s box unboxing, featuring the Organism disk, along with a load of goodies and the accompanying soundtrack.

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The ‘Alien’ Game I’ve Waited 30 Years For | Nostalgia Nerd

15 thoughts on “The ‘Alien’ Game I’ve Waited 30 Years For | Nostalgia Nerd”

  1. I really want to invest into getting a Commodore 64.

    This game looks great. Props to the developers.

  2. That Psytronik logo looks like a direct copy (ripoff??) of the Psygnosis Logo from back in the day. Is there a relationship between the two Software companies? So this is a ripoffs brand software company that makes ripoff (aliens) games?

  3. I did exactly the same thing when i saw Alien at an inappropriate age – taught myself BASIC to try and reproduce "Mother"

  4. A game this polished just feels amazing and wrong at the same time. I'd give my current PC for half this poslished transfromers or ghostbusters game on the C64…

  5. The Psytronik logo looks very much the same as Psygnosis. can’t help but wonder if that’s a coincidence or not

  6. Both are classics but I prefer Alien to Aliens. The crew acted so much more real than in the most recent couple of movies.

  7. Brother, your video is top notch as usual… That game though, looks boring as all hell. Have you played Alien Isolation? That game seems like it would be right up your ally since you seem to like atmospheric and story rich games.

  8. I think I might have bought this game back in my C-64 period even though I was never into action games except for simulations like Elite and Gunship which are my top 2 favorite C-64 games. I also liked adventure games, strategy games (Even if I never managed to beat the computer at Ogre or Tigers in the Snow (I suspect the game cheated in both of them), and turned based RPGs.

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