Terraria SPIRIT MOD Let’s Play Part 14 | THE TIDE EVENT & NEW SUMMONS! | 1.3.5 PC

Terraria SPIRIT MOD Let's Play Part 14 | THE TIDE EVENT & NEW SUMMONS! | 1.3.5 PC
Terraria SPIRIT MOD is a complete gameplay mod for Terraria 1.3.5! The Spirit Mod contains new weapons, armor, bosses, biomes and accessories as you journey to defeat the evil Spirits and save Terraria! This expert Spirit Mod Let’s Play for Terraria follows the adventures of Devon the Druid as he tries to restore balance to the world. This Spirit Mod series is controlled by YOU! Have your say on what we build each episode and what new items we discover first!

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HappyCrew Daily Viewer Challenge Question: What weapon & armor sets should we go after next? Are there any good accessories we need?

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Spirit Mod
Boss Health Bars
Recipe Viewer
More Accessories+
imkSushi Mod
Quality of Life

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Terraria SPIRIT MOD Let’s Play Part 14 | THE TIDE EVENT & NEW SUMMONS! | 1.3.5 PC