Terraria Part 650 – THE END

Terraria Part 650 - THE END
Welcome to my Let’s Play of Terraria! I’ve played this game for countless hours, but with update 1.08 out now (equivalent to PC 1.2.4), a lot more content has been added! With new recipes, new NPCs and new things to do, will I be able to survive?
In today’s video we take a look back at everything that made this series so special. We begin with an 11 minute long montage of every important event, before getting into the episode proper and having a walk around, while reminiscing.
This is the final episode of Terraria on the Xbox 360, but Terraria will return in 1.3
For now though, goodbye.

Terraria Part 650 – THE END

13 thoughts on “Terraria Part 650 – THE END”

  1. Hey everybody! If you liked this series, and miss it, come check out my new Terraria series!

  2. Ark you are my favorite youtuber, my friends and I you use you as a terraria role model my friend recently obtained the Horseman's Blade and made his arena look a little bit like yours, you are my favorite youtuber

    -Astro, a terraria player (not as good as you of course, i have been watching your 1.3 series you are even bettar than than me in that).

  3. I think Ark is mad, today for me is June 17th 2018. 3 people told him how to play terraria 2 were nice when he responded 1 straightly he was playing terraria wrong

  4. The game gets addicting once you get the wisp because it gives you so many options of things to do

  5. I was here on another YouTube Channel when your first Terraria XBOX 360 Episode came out! I have been watching each episode! This series will be in my heart forever 😀

  6. I remember watching this series a couple years back. Me and my brother would watch the videos for hours, impressed, and inspired by the things that you could do with the game that we couldn’t. After a few years, I have regained my interest in Terraria, and decided the first thing I’d do is look for your channel. Then I saw that you’d uploaded the last video in the series. Well anyway, I’d like to thank you for those hours of joy that you and your series gave me.
    Anyway, time to start watching the 80+ episodes of 1.3.

  7. It's hard to see such an old series disappear. We had a good time with you and we hope you did too.

  8. Im a little late to the… well, not really party. I watched a few of your videos for a short while back in the xbox 360 days, before i had back surgery. I like being able to do stuff with my hands, i like being able to wake up early and go till late at night, and i like feeling like i own my presence, but my surgery took all that from me for a little over a month. During that time, about the only thing i could do (during the hour i was able to stay sitting or standing before another 5 hour nap) was play terraria. It let me accomplish something when i could barely even get food from the kitchen. I loved your videos, and i learned a lot of the building tricks i know from you. I learned how to make arenas from you. I learned and accomplished so much because of you. It was so much fun watching this series, and ill always remember it. Thia was, by far, the best terraria series ever, possibly lets plays entirely. I only regret not watching it all the way through, as school picked up and i had to work.

    Thank you so much man. You made something unbearable to be tolerable.

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