Terraria Overhaul 3 – Taking on Mech Bosses!

Terraria Overhaul 3 - Taking on Mech Bosses!
In today’s video we’re doing another hyper-cut of Terraria Overhaul

watch the first episode of Terraria Overhaul here: https://youtu.be/jsxILQvZcr4

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Terraria Overhaul 3 – Taking on Mech Bosses!

20 thoughts on “Terraria Overhaul 3 – Taking on Mech Bosses!”

  1. Overhaul +a rpg mod (leveled is what I chose) in expert mode makes for a extremely hard challenge but I have a glitch where treasure bags don’t drop

  2. I'm sure somebody's already said it, but that Hallow music is called Chaos Elemental, and it's by DM Dokuro.

  3. Hey guys I have full meteorite armor and a space gun with a platinum sword do you think I could take down the EoC?

  4. (Ears bleed) oh look my ears are bleeding… eh who cares? THIS MUSIC IS AWESOME (my ears didn’t actually bleed but it felt like it!)

  5. It’s actually quite strange, at some point in 8:45 ish it’s a remix of the underground part of the underground hallow music!

  6. uhh… james i dont think solar eclipse is before plantera and golem … HOW DID YOU GET AN ECLIPSE

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