Terraria Frost Moon Farming Extravaganza! | Python’s Realm (Terraria Let’s Play) [S2 – Episode 33]

Terraria Frost Moon Farming Extravaganza! | Python's Realm (Terraria Let's Play) [S2 - Episode 33]
Terraria Let’s Play – Battling against the monsters of the Frost Moon for epic goodies!
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★ Terraria Let’s Play – Welcome back to Terraria Python’s Realm! In this, Season 2, of my Terraria Let’s Play, we’re beginning on a brand new Terraria world and the goal is to survive, battle bosses, build settlements, obtain epic weapons and gear and to thrive in Terraria! Hope you enjoy this Terraria video! Thanks for watching!
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Terraria Frost Moon Farming Extravaganza! | Python’s Realm (Terraria Let’s Play) [S2 – Episode 33]
Was the Terraria Smartwatch a Scam? (Gameband Kickstarter)
to be clear – Terraria did not receive a single penny from this Kickstarter, nor do I blame them.

Cenx acknowledging the GameBand: https://twitter.com/Cennxx/status/994254878833893382

for more information: https://variety.com/2018/gaming/news/gamewatch-atari-terraria-update-1202848002/

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Was the Terraria Smartwatch a Scam? (Gameband Kickstarter)

35 thoughts on “Terraria Frost Moon Farming Extravaganza! | Python’s Realm (Terraria Let’s Play) [S2 – Episode 33]”

  1. Hey Python, could you potentially make the cellphone. It is a great item to have. Keep up the good work

  2. Python,please ask chippy to do a full calamity co-op playthrough ,I personally think that would be awesome

  3. heelo phyton, i absolutely love ur videos ur very talented at making content. i just wanted to point out this thing that is kind of annoying me, ur not christian ( i believe) and you say jesus, and oh my lord all the time. it annoies me and may anoie other poeple that a christian too. thats it thx

  4. Hey Python, you should grind some mimics to get the Philosopher's stone. It would be definitely useful for further lunar events and Moonlord by cutting 15 seconds from your potion sickness debuff.

  5. You kill less in a harder event you kill more in an easier event that why yo get less money

  6. Love when you fight the events! Will you do a multiplayer terraria series with 4 or so people?

  7. just a little extra information for anyone that might be confused

    This was a kickstarter project for a Terraria themed smartwatch, that has NOT been released, and shows no sign of ever coming out. It is currently 9 months behind schedule with very little updates and over 1,700 backers left without a product.

    Terraria did not receive a single penny from this Kickstarter, nor do I blame them.

  8. I'm just getting angrier and angrier every second so i'm closing the video! Let's just say bad things should happen to these fkers…

  9. So you hate it that this happend to te Terraria community, but before it was certain that they we're gonna scam us you said that it was going to be ''great'' while you knew of the company's background?! Sorry, but that's just ridiculous. You are one to blame for people losing their money. You should have told us if you really cared about the Terraria community and it's safety. What a scummy thing to do!

  10. So you desided to advertise this product some time ago for your viewerbase even tho you knew that the company has been scamming before, now you feel bad for the community? You were part of the problem

  11. Before people mindlessly back this shit they need to use their fucking head once in a while. Crowd funding platforms can help companies not give up any equity which is my opinion is bullshit. But then you get these idiots and they just outright scam

  12. Hmmmm ok so that’s… errrrr… ummmm.
    I’ve got an idea the “detect a scam” wristband!

  13. So…why not just carry a formatted flashdrive with your games installed on it rather than you know…this

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