Terraria CALAMITY SUPER-MODDED Let’s Play Part 15 | BRIMSTONE ELEMENTAL! | 1.3.5 Death Mode

Terraria CALAMITY SUPER-MODDED Let's Play Part 15 | BRIMSTONE ELEMENTAL! | 1.3.5 Death Mode
Terraria Calamity Super-Modded let’s play is our brand new adventure starring the Demon King Dante in his quest to defeat Supreme Calamitas! We’re using the Calamity mod as well as others like Magic Storage, Recipe Viewer, Joost, Alchemist NPC and more! Get involved, suggest weapons, armors, and mods for our adventure!

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Recipe Browser
Alchemist NPC
Fargo’s Mutant Mod
Prefixes for Enemies
Boss Health Bars
Boss Checklist
Vein Miner
Helpful NPCs
Weapon Out
(more to come, suggest some!)

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Terraria CALAMITY SUPER-MODDED Let’s Play Part 15 | BRIMSTONE ELEMENTAL! | 1.3.5 Death Mode

11 thoughts on “Terraria CALAMITY SUPER-MODDED Let’s Play Part 15 | BRIMSTONE ELEMENTAL! | 1.3.5 Death Mode”

  1. Notice the difference? We're trying a higher resolution! Should we keep using it? VOTE using the card in this video! 😀 🍪🍪🍪

  2. Hey Happy! How do you get your mods to work if they’re not updated to the newest tmod?

  3. Hey Happy! I'm also doing a Calamity death mode playthrough as well! Some items that helped me out in early/mid hardmode were the Cosmolight, made of the daylight and moonlight, which can change the time at will to either morning or dusk. I also used the enchanted mirror from the fargo's mod, which allows you to recall home AND teleport back to where you recalled by right clicking. My favorite weapon had to be the Terra Shiv, which is obtainable from a solar a eclipse or right after Calamitas (100% to drop 1 broken hero sword). It can also be upgraded to the Elemental Shiv after moon lord, which is a ridiculously powerful weapon! Hopefully this helps!

  4. Happy put the joost mod in the series it's an awesome mod one of the things that you can easily make is a swing grapple that you can control the height of

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