Terraria # 31 HYDRA HEADS! Mega Modpack Let’s Play

Terraria # 31 HYDRA HEADS! Mega Modpack Let's Play
Welcome to ChippysCouch’s Mega Terraria Modpack. This series contains over 20 mods, thousands of new items and tons of new bosses! (with regular updates!)

This is series contains multiple mods for Terraria 1.3.5, including Calamity Mod, Thorium Mod, Spirit Mod, Split Mod, Antiaris and many many more!

Series Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7bOrn5j5GW24dkF5QDYQAPDqqHw0EL60

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Terraria # 31 HYDRA HEADS! Mega Modpack Let’s Play

19 thoughts on “Terraria # 31 HYDRA HEADS! Mega Modpack Let’s Play”

  1. Do you use a mod to zoom out further or is that a default zoom? It seems like you zoom out abit further then you can by default so it made me curious

  2. Can you disable Exodus mod. It conflicts with some mods in this pack like Antiaris. So before Dev of that mod will fix it, disable it.

  3. Chippy, go to the underworld. A lot of new ores spawned. (Because a lot of new ores from new bosses generates after killing vanilla bosses, which you kiled, so ore spawned even in this world).

  4. so i started my own mudpack and i tried killing plantera like 100 times so I tested it out I got the best armor in the game it is also added I used a bunch of buffs and a overpowered sword I got 1 shot by a pellet HOW am i supposed to kill it HOW oh ya I have 3000 health and over 500 defense and I have tons of dmg absorption like 50% how can somebody tell me.

  5. What the heck? A hydra that doesnt grow two heads for every one you destroy? I feel gyped…

  6. Where can I find a list of your modpacks mods? I really want to play it with them but don’t know their names.

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