Terraria # 1 HUGE CUSTOM MODPACK! Mega Modpack Let’s Play

Terraria # 1 HUGE CUSTOM MODPACK! Mega Modpack Let's Play
Welcome to ChippysCouch’s Mega Terraria Modpack. This series contains over 20 mods, thousands of new items and tons of new bosses! (with regular updates!)

This is series contains multiple mods for Terraria 1.3.5, including Calamity Mod, Thorium Mod, Spirit Mod, Split Mod, Antiaris and many many more!

Series Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7bOrn5j5GW24dkF5QDYQAPDqqHw0EL60

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Terraria # 1 HUGE CUSTOM MODPACK! Mega Modpack Let’s Play
Terraria - Pro vs Troller
It all started with some stupid « trolling » ideas which I wanted to show you in a video…I hope you enjoy !
Thanks to Diro who helped me a lot to make this video.
Check out his channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClXnIjg5nxAPbvQzY0cElhg

Musics in order :
terraria console music – Main theme
terraria console music – space
Per Kiilstofte – Queen Of The Night

Helix – Archetype

Terraria – Pro vs Troller

25 thoughts on “Terraria # 1 HUGE CUSTOM MODPACK! Mega Modpack Let’s Play”

  1. The list of the mods:
    • More Chest Loot
    • Even More Modifiers
    • Fargo’s Mutant M od: Summons and Souls
    • Mysterious Altars
    • The Luggage
    • Wildlife Mod
    • Beyond The Forgotten Ages
    • No More Tombs
    • SacredTools
    • WeaponOut
    • JoostMod
    • Elements Awoken
    • VeinMiner
    • Recipe Browser
    • BossChecklist
    • AlchemistNPC
    • Calamity Mod
    • Thorium
    • imkShushi’s Mod
    • Where’s My Items
    • Spirit Mod
    • The Split Mod
    • Magic Storage
    • The Antiaris
    • Crystilium
    • Which Mod Is This From?
    • Yet Another Boss Health Bar

  2. I always wait until there are a bunch of videos in a series to watch it, because i hate waiting from day to day xD

  3. im playing a modpack with 40 mods including calamity, tremor, thorium, and the rest of the "BIG" mods

  4. Why did The Pro keep going even after the first explosion? If he has the reaction time to drink a potion before hitting lava, why did he not stop?

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