TARGETED | Town of Salem Ranked Game

TARGETED | Town of Salem Ranked Game
~ In this Town of Salem Ranked game I’m a Lookout whose got the mafia hot on my tail. Lookout is an extremely valuable Town Investigative role, with the ability to confirm roles and catch evils red handed.

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TARGETED | Town of Salem Ranked Game

12 thoughts on “TARGETED | Town of Salem Ranked Game”

  1. Today we(town) had a witch who outed 3 mafs 3 days in a row 'getting lucky'. His point was to gain town favor so they don't hang him and win with NK later… Legit that's what she was saying so it wasn't gamethrowing according to him lol. Of course the game ended day 5, last maf gave up and we figured who was NK.

  2. Ahh…figured maf had a BMer; they went after you after you whispered your role to 13, so I was like: "maf read whispers, maybe…?"

  3. Let me explain names will. His night 2 said he was bugging the consort who was rbed by the escort but is rb immune but don't matter since WW ate him. The reason he called out bacca is cause he bugged him N4 and saw him jailed. Not sure why the Jailor grabbed you when you already gave him your info that day.

  4. I don't understand the jesters thinking on claiming BG "no Jailor claim" guards one guy all game like… Their was an "important town role" asking for tp all game and you the confirmed town lol.

  5. I feel like too many people hate Lookout. I get kinda mad when people say it's a useless role so they didnt keep a will…its one of my favorite roles and CAN make a difference to town in catching evils.

  6. Recently, I played a Ranked game where I was witch and everyone I witched died bc i made them visit veteran. I also found godfather D3 and he told me who all maf was, so I went through the game without Town knowing there was a witch. It came down to jailor, mayor, doctor, me, and mafioso. Doc told jailor to jail mayor to protect them from being killed. However, they didn’t know that I was there so I controlled jailor to kill mayor! We won the game after that 🙂

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