Skyward Sword: Big Monster Feet – PART 46 – Game Grumps

Skyward Sword: Big Monster Feet - PART 46 - Game Grumps
Look at his lil’ dopey feet!
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Skyward Sword: Big Monster Feet – PART 46 – Game Grumps

13 thoughts on “Skyward Sword: Big Monster Feet – PART 46 – Game Grumps”

  1. I will agree the harp is annoying. But is has one really cool feature. Try using it on the cat lemur things in skyloft and they will bob their heads to your music. Literally the cutest fuckin thing ever. Please everyone spread the word so that they could poetically learn this and try it out.

  2. 'It's almost like this old lady just said that'
    It's almost like you called Fi willingly…
    How dare your guide do some guiding once you summoned her when summoning her makes her do her job…of guiding.

    Also, I'm pretty sure that Arin just doesn't have or portray an ability to read between the lines of a narrative or even make inferences. He definitely doesn't know who 'Grannie' really is, I'm very doubtful that Fi's Lament will do anything to him and Groose being the only 'character' is so narrow-minded. If games explicitly state the narrative weight he'll shit on it, and if it just leaves it for you to infer, he misses it completely. Arin you're unpleasable. And he's probably far too ignorant to the lore of the Zelda Universe to actually appreciate what this game does for it. He's all shitty gameplay and no story.
    Best case scenario it all hits him like a truck in the final few parts and he admits he's been a douche-nozzle for much of this playthrough. Here's to hoping he lets himself feel something.

  3. Please don't forget about the little troll monster demon thingy who very kindly asked you for gratitude crystals!!!!! He was so polite! And he's just waiting to taste gratitude!!!

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