18 thoughts on “Picking on Rockstar Games”

  1. Actually, what I want to see in rpgs is some kind of reward system for telling npcs that you won't help them find their lost son or family heirloom or whatever. Sometimes npcs just give you these really dumb and stupid quests and you don't even get the option to say no, or even if you do they still get added to your potential quests as if you are somehow still obligated to complete that crap. of course, not doing the quest means you miss out on loot… there needs to be some system in place to actually let players tell npcs off while also getting rewarded for doing that. Maybe some verbal conflict about how I am actually trying to save the world and therefore don't have time to pick flowers for someone.

  2. DUNKEY i love you and all
    but the dialogue in the cars are worth every second and make a long ass ride better

  3. F Rockstar, f GTA5, their game is full of hackers and who they ban, the only guy you know never hack or cheat, f em… (I really liked GTA 5 with all its flows but never gonna buy anything from RS again)

  4. The thing with getting into a match is that no one played any of the other modes at a certain point, I think it’s when people were having too much fun and making good in-game money at the time, so they had to nerf the gains and after that no one did anything other than freemode or grinding those tedious missions that give you the most money. Racing used to be the best.

  5. Way to skirt around the actually serious issue of their unethical business practices and waste the opportunity on some minor nitpicks.

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