Pacifist♥FIREBALL(Don’t get key) by Momo – SUPER MARIO MAKER – NO COMMENTARY

Pacifist♥FIREBALL(Don't get key) by Momo - SUPER MARIO MAKER - NO COMMENTARY
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Pacifist♥FIREBALL(Don’t get key) by Momo – SUPER MARIO MAKER – NO COMMENTARY
A SNES Sequel to Super Mario Land 2?? [Super Mario Land 2.5]
A sequel to Super Mario Land 2 on the Super Nintendo? Check out this amazing Mario World ROM hack, Super Mario Land 2.5!!

Check out the hack here:

This was a video that was made last year that I forgot about so I figured I would release it now!

Video was edited by my good friend Low On Life:


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A SNES Sequel to Super Mario Land 2?? [Super Mario Land 2.5]

20 thoughts on “Pacifist♥FIREBALL(Don’t get key) by Momo – SUPER MARIO MAKER – NO COMMENTARY”

  1. Dodging enemies was understandable enough, but the long strings of floating keys seemed a bit excessive. Still a neat level, though.

  2. so uh, how exactly do you upload so many videos? do you literally spend every day of your life on this game?

  3. Hey guys! Today I am releasing this video 10 months AFTER it was filmed, edited, and uploaded to YouTube. I actually forgot about it because it got lost in the shuffle when I started playing and releasing all my Super Mario Odyssey videos lol. But that's ok, I remembered about it and wanted to release this because this hack is amazing and worth checking out!

    Something I didn't realize when I made the video, is that sadly this hack was only a demo and is unfinished so there won't be a part 2 of this video. Regardless, the demo is amazing and worth playing!

  4. Please DGR helpppp! How do I get this to work on my SNES mini. The .bps file I get from smwcentral won't work and don't know how to get as a working rom

  5. Foreground graphics (like clouds) covering holes in the ground is notoriously bad level design. I went from being completely in love with the hack to having little interest. The spelling mistake in the intro was forgivable.
    But hey, I'm old and back when I hacked this rom I didn't do nearly as good and had my share of spelling mistakes and bad level design. I dare admit that other aspects of the level design may be better than anything I could come up with now. Alright, so maybe I am still interested in this hack. But seriously, there's even a cloud in the beginning of the level to show players there is safe ground behind them then literally the next cloud conceals a pit? That's so bad lol. Troll level = 99

  6. hwy i''m having problems, i downloaded it but when i select it a just get trhown back to the menu on the snes nmini

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