Our Videogame Backlog 3 – Game Sack

Our Videogame Backlog 3 - Game Sack
Episode 224 – So many games, so little time! So here we go again, playing games for the first time that we’ve owned for quite a while! These are our first impressions!

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Our Videogame Backlog 3 – Game Sack

14 thoughts on “Our Videogame Backlog 3 – Game Sack”

  1. Just in case nobody mentioned it: in NieR, you can dodge-roll out of your knocked-down animation after you hit the ground, just like in Final Fantasy Type 0. That should make things a bit easier if you decide to play it again.

  2. I only liked the story in cathrine but hated the gameplay which was to frustrating for me.

  3. YEAH! buy nier automata and play it on part two of this video which should come out in 2028!!! 😀

  4. Joe is wearing a Greendog t-shirt throughout the rest of this video, I'm still calling Joe "Greendog boy."

  5. Dengeki Bunko…uninteresting characters?

    Do the research, Joe!

    These are some of the best anime/manga characters around. Sword Art Online, Durarara, etc, are just great stories.

  6. Monsters in My Pocket was a pretty bland game but the music was pretty good and does have that classic Konami sound.

  7. After Classic Game Room selling out like an asshole and turning his youtube channel into a T-Shirt Vendor, my appreciation for you two Gods among men is even HIGHER. keep doing a fantastic job, you two!!

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