Official Call of Duty®: WWII – “Liberty Strike” Community Event Trailer

Rally your squad and show your national pride in this exciting limited-time Community Event. Captain Butcher is back and brings new uniforms for each Division, including seven distinct country-themed kits. He’s also recruited the services of the new Cavalry Division, and stocked four all new weapons, to help make the final push toward victory. Plus, experience the free Wanderlust game mode variant, available for a limited time until July 24 when the Liberty Strike Community Event concludes. 

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Official Call of Duty®: WWII – “Liberty Strike” Community Event Trailer

15 thoughts on “Official Call of Duty®: WWII – “Liberty Strike” Community Event Trailer”

  1. Since is about time for Black Ops 4 to become the main stream title of CoD, me, as a CoD player since CoD 2, would be very very happy if Sledgehammer Games would consider releasing Call of Duty: Vietnam in 2020 as a sequel of CoD: WWII and include the same main faction "First Infantry Division", with missions including C.I.A. and "MAC-V-SOG" operatives. Im aware that this is not a new project for SG but instead make it First-Person; many people would like to play the first ever CoD featuring Vietnam War in it's full extent, pretty much what you did with WWII, unlike Black Ops.

    Don't leave WWII be a one-off, it really deserves a sequel, like in the gold eras of CoD with Modern Warfare series.

    Please guys be it for the best of the franchise!

  2. Really sick, Call of Duty WW2 did it again! I'll think this WW2 game is the best by far.

  3. Ah Cod, over the top with silly customization and with all maps claustofobic they feel like arena but not real locations

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