NINJA REACTS TO *NEW* HULA DANCE EMOTE – Fortnite Funny Fails & WTF Moments #65

NINJA REACTS TO *NEW* HULA DANCE EMOTE - Fortnite Funny Fails & WTF Moments #65
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NINJA REACTS TO *NEW* HULA DANCE EMOTE – Fortnite Funny Fails & WTF Moments #65
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*NEW* Secret Hide & Seek Spots In Fortnite Battle Royale!

34 thoughts on “NINJA REACTS TO *NEW* HULA DANCE EMOTE – Fortnite Funny Fails & WTF Moments #65”

  1. Meloa is the definition of a default. Sees someone and just goes in with a pic and misses every shot. I died

  2. If you go around tilted their is a truck we’re you can hide underneath it and the same in the tunnel in tilted and every truck on the map. I found it

  3. So you know that tree you were trying to get into at the stadium that branch was the meta yo just needed to go into that branch wit the leaves do ye next hide and seek use dis spot

  4. I have a godly hiding spot in Lazy Links…from the lake on the northeast corner, break the bottom most walls from left to right until you see a little cave behind one. Most players do not notice the missing walls so this is a great spot

  5. A spot is in the land in loot lake go in the house and hide on the roof when u break it and build it back

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