New Super Mario Bros U – Mario vs Lemmy x40 (Hack)

Remember that NSMBW video where the guy fights all the koopalings at the same time? Well, I’m attempting to one-up it. 7 bosses at the same time? Nope. I’m doing 40 at the same time. I have a few things to explain so make sure you read the whole description! I guess this is an “FAQ” before questions were asked.

No, this is absolutely not fake. I mean, it isn’t in the original game. This is true. But nothing was faked here. The aim of this video was to show you Mario fighting multiple Lemmy Koopas. The video shows that. So nothing is fake. Any comments claiming this video is fake will most likely be deleted.

“That’s not 40 Lemmys.”
You probably haven’t watched far enough. I start with 3 Lemmys, then 5, then 10, then 15, then 25. From 6:51 onwards, you will see the highlights from my battle with 40. If you wanted to simply see the battle by itself, you can watch this video:
(I haven’t made the video yet. I’ll paste the link here when it’s ready.)

“That still doesn’t look like 40 Lemmys.”
Without a boss controller, the Lemmys tend to go inside of each other when attempting to chase down Mario. That’s why there are many stacks of Lemmys when it looks like there’s just one. It’s also why they glitch out and sometimes stack on top of each other, or throw 3 bombs at once. If that doesn’t satisfy you, here’s a zoomed out screenshot:

“How do I play this level?”
I’m not gonna be putting a download for this. It lacks polish, sorry.

“How WOULD I play this level?”
You’re gonna need a dump of the game (use ddd, I think). Then you can use Loadiine or Cafiine to replace the level files. Use Miyamoto by the Other Team to modify and export levels. Thanks, AboodXD, Gota7, and members of the Newer Team 😀

“Can you fight X?”
If you have any suggestions for boss battles or something similar I might make a video on it. I don’t exactly have much time for such things, though.


I suppose so, yes.


Lemmy’s Grand Finale*

Buoy Base Galaxy*

In The Final (Major Key)**

*These songs were sped up in Audacity for the sake of speeding them up in Audacity. I believe both were by 20% but I have no idea.

**That’s my remix, sir. You have my permission to use it as long as you credit me 🙂


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New Super Mario Bros U – Mario vs Lemmy x40 (Hack)
New Super Mario Bros U - Mario vs Lemmy x40 (Hack)