My First Days of World of Warcraft…

My First Days of World of Warcraft...
My First Days of World of Warcraft

Get your hot cocoa and prepare for dreamland, for the story time episodes have returned!

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My First Days of World of Warcraft…

20 thoughts on “My First Days of World of Warcraft…”

  1. The story times have returned fellow friends. If you would like to share your warcraft story, feel free to post em down below or share them with me over on discord! Hop[e you guys enjoyed this nostalgic travel back in time!


  2. and mutating Scorpions to get their poison sacs, Giggity I was like level four or six

  3. I have tried to socialise. Joined an European RPPvP server. Such a shame no one plays there xD

  4. When i started someone said they would give me a flight to somewhere and they just dropped me in a alliance zone where i got ganked for a long time.

  5. I started to play when I was 6 years old. I still remember when the game came out, I feel the same way about you do, I thought every little thing was the coolest. I still play now. I remember when my parents would call me home from school, and we play all day and night. This the only game that I would spend years playing, sadly I lost my information for my account. So I stopped playing the game for a while. Then when the lich King expansion came out. I decided to play again, and I fell in loved with death Knights. So me and my family farmed forever doing quest, dungeons, even killing random mobs. Then I hit level 55 I was crying. Because I was so existed to play. Then it happened… My sack of potatoes for a computer gave up on me. So my parents decided to give a super early birthday present. They put a package in my bedroom. When I woke up to my surprise, I felt like it was 3 Christmas in one day. So I screaming. My parents freaked out because they though I was hurt. So when my computer was up and running, I made a death knight named Stardéath I though it was the greatest name of all time. So after playing for many years. I have three level 110 death Knights. And know I wait for battle of azzaroth (I forgot how to spell it) to come out.
    Hope you enjoyed ready my wow story. 😁

  6. I started playing around BC and my first character was an Undead Warlock. I was quickly able to pick up what to do, though I speced into Demonology and focused on making my pet do all the work. Biggest noob moment was during my time in Silverpine I dueled a guy who was my level and won. He claimed I was a lucky noob for winning, and I called him a cheater because he didn't get taunted by my Void Walker

    It degenerated pretty quickly after that =)

  7. Oh boy, my first time playing. This was back in like early 2006, and I was 11 years old. My friends had convinced me to try the game out, and so naturally (as my experience with gaming was mostly handheld & nintendo stuff) i was COMPLETELY clueless. I remember I was with my buddy who told me to create a gnome rogue. Now I didnt really want to be a gnome, but he said it was a good race, so I did, thinking whatever. He was level 25 or 26, so of course he had to be an amazing player, or so I thought. So there i was, a fresh gnome in coldridge valley, not knowing what quests were, killing boars and troggs to level up. At one point (i was probably level 5 or so, still no idea how to play) said buddy comes to my starting area to help me out. I still remember how he looked. He was a dwarf hunter. I was amazed! He had big leather shoulderpads, a weapon that was green (unlike my white lvl1 dagger), and a super-badass bear as a pet – so he had to be a god-tier player. He even traded me 10 silver, I remember thinking i was rich for a little while. He showed me the ropes and explained questing, how it worked, and that it was the best way to level up. So after playing around for a little bit, I told him I wanted to go to the forest where the humans were and where stormwind was (i had heard it was the capital city, and most of my friends playing were in westfall/redridge/elwynn around this time). Naturally my friend told me "of course!" and off we went. Now keep in mind my friend was in fact not a god-tier player and pretty bad at the game, as we all were back then, but he knew how to get to Stormwind. He kept running from me with aspect of the Cheetah, and i remember how jealous i was of his speed. He remembered the way to Ironforge, and boy was I amazed when we walked through the cold gates. People all around, WAY more people than in coldridge valley, and that was the first time i got a sense of how big the game really was. A whole world, ready for exploring. I saw level 60 players on armored mounts, with the coolest gear I had ever seen – I was starstruck, and the dream of being one of those geared sixties on mounts began. My friend told me that this wasn't our destination though, and so we went towards Deeprun Tram. We found the train after searching for a little while – the underwater part was so cool to me. Then we arrived and exited the subway station, and the stormwind music played through my speakers, and I was amazed again – at the 60 characters and their mounts and gear, and the sheer size of the city. So I knew we were where we were supposed to – ish. I opened the map, and my 11-year-old brain didnt understand how to exit. After viewing the map for a bit, I asked my friend how we would get out. So he said he'd look at the map and find the way out. Note that he was as old as me and probably just as clueless, as time would show. So he opens up his map, and I anxiously wait, so ready for questing in the majestic Elwynn Forest with the rest of my friends. 10 seconds or so passes, and I see him moving a bit – he was done reading the map. "Follow me," he says, having found a solution. So we exit the dwarven quarter and my friend jumps into the canal and swims to the bottom. "Come here," he says, and in I went. So there we were, a level 6 or so gnome rogue, and a level 25 dwarf hunter, at the bottom of the canal, underwater. "what now?" i asked. He told me to just wait. And so he started drowning first, since he jumped in before me. He died from drowning, and I followed in a few seconds. Now, the closest Spirit Healer at that point in time was in Goldshire, outside the city. My genius friend had come to the simple conclusion that if we couldnt find our way out – we could just die and respawn from ressurection sickness in Goldshire. So we did, and I remember how smart I thought that was. Hilarious. So I set my hearthstone there to avoid accidentally going back. I saw a level 10 rogue with TWO weapons (dual-wielding wasn't until lvl 10 back then), and i was so jealous, and asked him how he got it, then got sad I couldnt equip two yet. We stopped playing for the day at that point and logged out in goldshire, I remember it pretty clearly to this day because we couldnt find the way out of the city, and ended up drowning ourselves to get out – lmao. Such good memories. I have more stories following this one, but I'm not gonna type an entire book here. Thanks for the read!

  8. My first WoW experience:

    I was a Freshman in High School when I first played World of Warcraft. This was during 2009 during Burning Crusade. My dad's girlfriend and my brother and our family friend who always came over kept telling me to try out playing WoW. At the time I wasn't interested because I was into playing my Gamecube and Play Station 2.

    One day when I was walking dogs with my dad (he's a dog walker), he was telling me about WoW. He was clearly the biggest fan out of all of them. He was telling me about all the classes and what they did and, just like you Krucial!, the hunter class sounded the most interesting to me, because I liked the idea of having a beast to fight by my side. Being a huge Pokemon fan, I really liked this idea.

    I was sold, and we decided to create my first character that same day. He was showing me all the races I could play, and being a huge Lord of the Rings fan, I told him that I wanted to be a Dwarf. So he let me use his computer to try him out. I was thoroughly checking everything out, emotes, spells and all. I looked at the emotes and saw the flirt, cheer, greetings options. It seemed interesting to me, so I clicked on the greetings emote on that list on the left side of the screen. When I saw my character wave and say hello…IT BLEW MY FUCKING MIND!

    I felt so connected with my character, as if I were him. So I was spending like, 15 minutes trying out all the emotes. So I went to the questgiver NPC and saw the text for my first quest. Once I saw it I thought, "Borrrriiiing." And declined it. I wanted some action! So I went out and started killing a bunch of mobs. The family friend who was over offered to run me through a dungeon and I was down for it. I was only level 3 at the time. xD

    I saw a whole bunch of mobs with the skulls on their profile templates. She told me to stay behind her and I was like, "Okay." Her character was Lv.66 at the time so I was like, "Dang. That's a high level!" So I kept getting killed by dungeon mobs over and over again. It was shocking to me that a few minutes ago I was victorous and against these guys I didn't stand a chance. She managed to get me to level 10 and guided me to the Hunter trainer and that's where I got the Hunter quest. I tamed my first beast, a bear that I named Theadore. I was stoked and actually decided to try questing this time.

    My dad and the friend kept talking about the guild they were in and I asked them, "What is a guild?" When they told me about it, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. So I asked them when I would be able to join THEIR guild. And my dad was like, "You need to be at least level 30." I was like, "Dang. That's gonna be a long time." So I then felt determined to level up so I could join my dad's guild.

    Then my brother decided that he wanted to play with me. So he traveled ALL THE WAY to where I was. I was questing in the mine area in Dun Morogh, and was getting overwhelmed by all those troggs, and he LITERALLY jumped in and saved me when I was about to die. I saw that he was a Night Elf and he had his black cat with him named Akamaru. lol I thought it was the coolest thing that I was something other than a Dwarf, Gnome, or Human. I challenged him to a duel and he easily beat me because he was level 17 and I was level 12.

    The next day, my dad and the family friend wanted to take me to Stormwind for the first time. I thought it was the coolest thing that I was going to visit the Human capital, instead of the one for the Dwarves. I really felt like I was being emersed in a world. So we went to Stormwind and we were hanging out in the bank, and we were just hanging out and being silly by doing our emotes, jumping around, and sleeping together. I had so much fun doing that so I told my dad, "Wouldn't it be cool if we could hang out like this more often? Like just chill and have fun?" Then my dad said, "You know instead of joining my guild, you could make your own." I was so stoked when he said that.

    Fast forward to when I finally got to level 27, they helped me make my guild and guided me through the process. I was level 27 at that time. When other people actually started joining my guild I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I fell in love with the game ever since.

  9. That Tauren could not know anything about weapon trainers, in Vanilla Tauren hunters started with a gun so they didn't have to learn to use them.

  10. Tanking Wailing Caverns in a lovely dress… You at least did better than I did. I had no excuse at the ripe old age of 18 during the Cataquakes.

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