Minecraft Xbox – Fast Paced [636]

Minecraft Xbox - Fast Paced [636]
Part 637 – https://youtu.be/k7eU5KbPNEA

Welcome to my Let’s Play of the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. These videos will showcase what I have been getting up to in Minecraft and everything I have built.

In this episode I start building my blocked mini-game.

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Minecraft Xbox – Fast Paced [636]

20 thoughts on “Minecraft Xbox – Fast Paced [636]”

  1. This brings back memories cause you were the first ever YouTuber I ever watched it started 3 years ago nothing has changed about the world! i grew out of you for a bit but I decided to come back to you I ❤️ you you have changed me!

  2. I luv so much i have been watching u for years and I honestly want to thank u because u helped me though being bored and having nothing to do and please never stop posting please

  3. HIT THE TARGET! HELICOPTER! BOMBS! Well maybe bombs MAIL FROM HIT THE TARGET! Maybe mail! From the mail office!

  4. I haven’t seen your videos in quite a long time and I’m glad to see this series is still going strong

  5. I have watched ever since ep 1 because I was so young. You were the first Youtuber I have ever watched.

  6. Did you know that minecraft on consoles is getting one more update?? JUST ONE!! ; (

  7. You have a lot of fans me my dad omg a lot of people loves your YouTube videos and I wonder haw much YouTube videos me and my dad to my name is Alexis .m.c the .m.c. means morrey cortapatt and at my school people call me Lix or lixy and am sorry am sorry I writing a lot I just love math and writing a lot of math mostly math and I have some questions haw did you start making a YouTube channel and umm what again ho I knew new

  8. Dear Stampy , I whant to play with you in minecraft PS4 edition . But I can't 😥😞😟😕🙁☹️😖😢😧😧😩. So I will be sad until u and you'r good frends play with me . And my name is TheElectroHusky in my PS4 . 😭😦🙀😿😕🙁☹️😖😢😥😞😧😩😟

  9. I am watching this out of pure nostalgia. Grew up watching this stuff and I don't remember it being as mellow. Not getting back into it though, im just shocked he can still do Minecraft and not go insane

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