Mi Gaming Laptop w/ i7 & 1060 – Affordable Gaming Finally?

Mi Gaming Laptop w/ i7 & 1060 - Affordable Gaming Finally?
In this video we tell you all there is to know about the Mi Gaming Laptop that Xiaomi has released today in an event in China. Check Out Our Current Giveaway(s) – bit.ly/C4EGiveaway

The Mi Gaming Laptop has a 15.6 inch 1080p screen.

Inside we have the 7th gen Intel chipsets. There are 4 variants of this laptop and inside there are 2 chipsets, the i7 7700HQ and the i5 7300HQ. For the graphics card we have a GeForce 1050 Ti on the lowest end and the 3 higher end models have a 6GB Nvidia 1060 inside.

The 3 lower end variants have 8GB RAM, and the highest end variant has 16GB RAM. As for storage we have 128GB SSD on the lower end models with a 1TB HDD, and with the flagship, we have a 256GB SSD along with the same mechanical drive.

They also have revolutionary 3+2 copper heatpipe cooling as well as a very good sound system provided by two 3 Watt speakers!

The Gaming Xiaomi Mi Notebook (Mi Gaming Laptop) runs on Microsoft Windows 10 Home

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Mi Gaming Laptop w/ i7 & 1060 – Affordable Gaming Finally?