Make Use Of Your Old Computer! | Upgrades & Windows XP Gaming

Make Use Of Your Old Computer! | Upgrades & Windows XP Gaming
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We have a global issue with E-Waste. As our computers age or break down and people upgrade to new systems, it’s commonplace to let the old systems collect dust for years, and then throw them out. Not only is this incredibly wasteful, but throwing out these old systems is built on the false notion that they’re no longer usable. When in fact, you can make something special out of these old computers with just pocket change. This is the Dell Dimension 8200, a relatively high end computer from 2002. These dells were insanely popular in the Early 2000’s and as a result are one of the most commonly thrown out computers. In this video, i’ll be upgrading this dell for just .15, and considering I got this computer for free this makes it the cheapest functional system i’ve ever owned. As usual with these types of upgrade videos, i first wanted to get a baseline of how the computer performs before upgrades, so I went to test. Yeah. This dell is in rough condition, it’s missing a graphics card, hard drive, and the beep code would indicate that ram configuration isn’t working either. To begin our upgrades we first need to crack open the poorly designed casing, which can only be done by pressing the top and bottom buttons and hoping something happens. Now that the casing is open, we can ready our worth of parts. To replace the hard drive I opted for a IDE 200GB hard drive, which is as slow as you would expect, and makes occasional scraping sounds. Installing the drive in these older dells is quite easy, the mounting brackets are simple For graphics I went with the cheapest card I could possibly find, which ended up being a Nvidia FX 5200. Let’s just say it was .25 for a reason. Despite the website saying this graphics card provides cinematic graphics power, it’s really just low budget gpu from 2003. The installation was extremely easy with these older dell cases you don’t need a screwdriver to swap out components. Instead you just flip up a lever. After that I decided to put an extra two sticks of RAM into the system, I didn’t expect it to work, as i was convinced the old ram was dead, but surprisingly it boots up in that configuration making a total 2gb of ram. Now that this system is at least working we can benchmark some games. I opted for some older titles considering this FX 5200 isn’t going to perform too well. So, here’s the best this system can do. For a retro gaming this system isn’t half bad, it’s only when you attempt newer stuff where the FX 5200 really struggles

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Make Use Of Your Old Computer! | Upgrades & Windows XP Gaming