Kaizo For Kids! Super Mario Maker

Kaizo For Kids! Super Mario Maker
Kaizo For Kids! Super Mario Maker

Feel the rage, laugh at the funny moments and fails, and check out some of the best platforming around. Can we claim victory while having some fun?

K Dawg’s Kiddie Kaizo (Race): 2667-0000-039D-5DBE
Witch In An Itchin’ Kitchen[BKR]: 1128-0000-039E-BD9F

Streamed 6-5-18

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Kaizo For Kids! Super Mario Maker
Super Mario Sunshine Any% Speedrun in 1:16:37
My apologies for stream buffering from Noki 4 onwards.

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Super Mario Sunshine Any% Speedrun in 1:16:37

13 thoughts on “Kaizo For Kids! Super Mario Maker”

  1. Just a quick psa: the game or whatever you wanna call it behind jumpuu girl aka ayasaki yuu, is almost fully translated. spoilers below:

    its a trash ero-game.

  2. That person made 2.5/4 jumps after the checkpoint!
    Who is this imposter?!? Or is poo using a ghost player? Like someone else is playing the game and he just acts like it’s him…

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