If Terraria was more Realistic

If Terraria was more Realistic
Today, the NPCs try to find out what makes Terraria absurd.
They won’t be disappointed.
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If Terraria was more Realistic
Terraria is adding a Secret Weapon... (2018 Summoner Update)
In today’s video, we’re discussing the currently secret summoner weapon coming in Terraria 1.3.6

Listen to a full song from Terraria 1.3.6: https://youtu.be/ua2T_DHgDLg

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Terraria is adding a Secret Weapon… (2018 Summoner Update)

1,534,320,731 thoughts on “If Terraria was more Realistic”

  1. More Realistic.
    We can't travel in 2 ways.
    The world is endless.
    Some tress should grow fruits.
    Vampires are pretty impossible to travel in a Solar Eclipse, A Solar Eclipse is just a dark event that still produces some little light.
    Giant Worms don't crawl through fucking blocks, they don't fly-crawl too.
    Torch light can't stay alive for 24 hours.
    You can't pick dirts using pickaxes.
    Space can't rain water. ( Because when it's raining and you fly to space it still rains water )

  2. This feels like one of those shitty SMG4 videos where they just talk to each other but worse since it doesn't take as much effort and there isn't much character movement. Even Minecraft is more machinima friendly! The saddest part is that unturned isn't friendly to anything except what the game is about which means you have to spend a heck-ton of time and effort into those videos and even unturned machinima makers have better videos than this.

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