i5 vs. i7 for Gaming | All You Need to Know

i5 vs. i7 for Gaming | All You Need to Know
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– The Intel Core i5 lineup has long been the best value gaming chip on the blue team. With the newest rendition, the 8600K, we’ve got an extra two cores at our disposal. So how does it stack up against the gaming king, the Core i7 8700K?

Intel Core i5 8600K: http://geni.us/HxQV
Intel Core i7 8700K: http://geni.us/FQo0v
AMD Ryzen 1600: http://geni.us/7bpb
AMD Ryzen 1700: http://geni.us/lkbTj
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Excellent X370 Motherboard: http://geni.us/ArlT

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i5 vs. i7 for Gaming | All You Need to Know