I made a HUGE mistake… | Terraria

I made a HUGE mistake... | Terraria
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I made a HUGE mistake… | Terraria
Terraria is Adding Even More NEW Ways to Build! | Terraria 1.3.6
Terraria 1.3.6 is shaping up to be an amazing update! There has been so many graphical improvements as well as tons of new items and quality of life changes, Terraria 1.3.6 is going to be so much fun to play on pc! Today we look at the Terraria Solar Fragment furniture and blocks added to this update for a hopeful released date of 2018! 1.3.6 HYPE!

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Terraria is Adding Even More NEW Ways to Build! | Terraria 1.3.6

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  1. tewtiy u probably won't see this but u can grind dungeon guardians using the flesh totem because it decreases all mob impact damage to 1

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