HOW DO YOU BEAT THIS!?!?! | Terraria

HOW DO YOU BEAT THIS!?!?! | Terraria
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HOW DO YOU BEAT THIS!?!?! | Terraria

18 thoughts on “HOW DO YOU BEAT THIS!?!?! | Terraria”

  1. You probably want to go to the underground hallow and kill chaos elementals to get a rod of discord
    It's rare but it's worth it

    Also don't use melee weapons on bosses unless they will kill it almost instantly

  2. It's because you are an idiot obviously, for real, ECO gear, no dash, glass cannon face tanking, now that gotta be judge

  3. It's sad how tewtiy can't beat an early-hardmode boss when in tremode, I do know that he's in revengeance mode, but still.

  4. Tewty you NEED to start dashing use the scarf that gives u the dash because well other wise you going to have a bad time

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