(HD) Wii Sports Resort – (9) Cycling Road Race: 6-Stage Race [15:10.07]

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In this video, I’ll be participating in the Cycling 6-Stage Road Race! (check the description for a detailed explanation on how to obtain these stamps.)

1:23 Day 1: Around the Island
4:39 Day 2: To the Beach
7:39 Day 3: Across the Bridge
10:46 Day 4: Over Talon Rock
14:24 Day 5: Up the Volcano
18:16 Final Day: Into Maka Wuhu

Splits (Times) / Place:
Day 1: 2:21.98 / 70th
Day 2: 2:02.50 / 53rd
Day 3: 2:09.31 / 24th
Day 4: 2:36.20 / 6th
Day 5: 2:52.63 / 1st
Day 6: 3:07.45 / 1st
Result: 15:10.07

Cycling Road Race:
Use your hands to pedal with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. The key to speed is good timing.


Last Gasp: Examples at 3:56, 6:52, 17:25, 21:30
Finish a race when you’re out of breath; the animation where your Mii is blue, very tired, and drinks water to regain health. You can do what I do and cancel the animation at the end of the race and receive the sound.

First of Many: Examples at 17:25, 21:30
Finish a race in 1st place for the first time.

1-Stage Master: Obtained Off-Screen
Finish the six 1-stage races in first place.

3-Stage Master: Obtained Off-Screen
Finish both 3-stage races in first place.

6-Stage Master: Obtained at 21:31
Finish the 6-stage race in first place. You only have to finish first on the Final Day.

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(HD) Wii Sports Resort – (9) Cycling Road Race: 6-Stage Race [15:10.07]
(HD) Wii Sports Resort - (9) Cycling Road Race: 6-Stage Race [15:10.07]