20 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto Pacifist: 23 Beyond First Place”

  1. What a lovely adventure to have been on! I'm glad you finally got the yacht, this video was uplifting and really wholesome, which I suppose can be said about most of this series. Now, where will we go from here?

  2. Protovisual here 🙂 Getting to join you and the other party guests in this session of GTA was a great pleasure and it is certainly now one of my top gaming moments in memory. It was great getting to hear your thoughts on life, virtual and not.

    I also shared some great moments with the other guests. After the first part of the party had concluded, I found myself alone with the only other party guest who chose to keep playing on the private server. They suggested that we go for a drive, and having nothing else in mind, I agreed. They asked me where I’d like to go, and I told them to take me somewhere they thought was unique. They ended up driving us deep into the mountains, where we got out at the mouth of a stream. They explained that parts of the stream were swimmable and could float your character away.

    As we waded around, paddling and trying not to drown, I had this sense of serenity. In GTA Online, you’re always on your guard, because other players will always try to get you. But neither of us posed a threat to one another. We were just there to enjoy the marvel on screen: the surprisingly realistic water, the sounds, the scenery, and the deep purple-pink sunset that eventually appeared. It really is a beautiful game. But what felt more important than that was that it had been the stage for a beautiful moment. I wouldn’t have had that moment without the yacht party, which wouldn’t have happened without Francisco or you. Thank you so much!

    If you don’t mind me sharing, I’d like to show other Goldvision fans the awesome bonus I received in the mail a couple of weeks ago. Another commenter here mentioned it- I believe anyone who donated to the yacht Kickstarter would have received one. It was totally unexpected, and it really says a lot about GV as a person – not just a YouTuber – that he’d go the extra mile to create and mail out something I now treasure deeply. Here it is: https://imgur.com/a/drcY3RV

  3. I'm so glad my subscription to you finally paid off. So happy to see a fresh upload.

  4. You make the best GTAO videos, Goldvision. There is literally no doubt. If you played on PS4, you would get a friend request from me.

  5. So I don't have much to add other than that I love these videos and your general body of work and I always look forward to the next upload. Thank you for the work you take to create these videos :).

  6. Yessss can't wait to relax and watch this this tonight! Your voice is like an instant meditation and I love the writing and the way these are put together!

  7. Love me some pacifist, but do you ever get ideas for savepoints? Surely there’s a couple ideas that dink around during all of Francisco’s race hours.

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