Glitches, Game Fails, Epic & Funny Gaming Moments (MH World, Sea of Thieves, DBFighterZ!) #165 😂

Glitches, Game Fails, Epic & Funny Gaming Moments (MH World, Sea of Thieves, DBFighterZ!) #165 😂
Epic and funny gaming moments in MH World, Sea of Thieves, DBFighterZ, Fortnite BR, PUBG, GTA V, AC Origins, CoD WW2, and more!



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• Fortnite Battle Royale: (no credit per request)

• Call of Duty: WWII: Van Champ

• Overwatch: SputnikGT

• PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: sLyR_eXtreme

• Grand Theft Auto V: RallyeGuy340

• Monster Hunter: World: TrueArchery YT

• Monster Hunter: World: Mrvexill46

• Monster Hunter: World: ChumpBait – Monster Hunter World

• Monster Hunter: World: iCONiC_WTI

• Monster Hunter: World: Cyael

• Monster Hunter: World: Argent Vagabond

• Dragon Ball FighterZ: Eduardo Lopes

• Dragon Ball FighterZ: gokupure

• Dragon Ball FighterZ: Mel Adams

• Dragon Ball FighterZ: NyZ Fighters

• Sea of Thieves: Ique

• Sea of Thieves: KylbyTV

• Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands: csenlow

• Assassin’s Creed: Origins: csenlow

• Grand Theft Auto V: Maurens

• PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Chicken Ass

• Batman: Arkham Knight: ARBP

• Tom Clancy’s The Division: xX iPUNI5HER xX

• Sea of Thieves: OneEyeWillie

• Outro: Rexthegreat | @Scoutyhut



+ “NIVIRO – The Guardian Of Angels” provided by NCS


+ Resistance – Galactic [JompaMusic Release]

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Glitches, Game Fails, Epic & Funny Gaming Moments (MH World, Sea of Thieves, DBFighterZ!) #165 😂