Forza Horizon 4 Gameplay Impressions | First 26 minutes – Full Game

Forza Horizon 4 Gameplay Impressions | First 26 minutes - Full Game
Forza Horizon 4 full game initial impressions. I was lucky enough to be able to play FH4 for around 2 hours and this video goes through my initial thoughts and ramblings on what I have experienced so far.

If you have any questions, please do ask in the comments!

Character Select 00:36
Initial Car Select 01:27
Number Plate 01:53
The Map 02:13
Tuning 3:45
First Race 4:23
Photo Mode 4:32
Result + Post Race 06:46
ANNA 07:15
Radio Stations 08:06
Second Race 08:53
Replays 11:16
Car Mastery 14:02
Bodykit Presets 14:47
Tunes 15:09
Creative Hub 15:20
Car Upgrades 15:46
Driving to Next Event 16:54
Bugatti Chiron Gameplay 18:24
More Driving Exploration 22:09
Dirt racing intro 23:38
Dirt/Off Road Racing 24:45


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Forza Horizon 4 Gameplay Impressions | First 26 minutes – Full Game

20 thoughts on “Forza Horizon 4 Gameplay Impressions | First 26 minutes – Full Game”

  1. Still the best racing games channel on youtube. Hopeful you get some content out for FH4 after launch !

  2. No Mitsubishi…. No Toyota…. No Lexus…. here we go back to times where there was no Porshe anywhere apart form NFS.

  3. I can't wait to experiment with the new upgrades for the cars liken the drag tires and suspension and also the drift setups, I am very excited to try and make the dodge challenger demon again, I tried doing it in fh3 but there was not enough grip to make it realistic so hopefully the drag tires help with that.

  4. A quick couple of questions; what are the settings that you use to record your game play and the software you use to capture said game play? What video editing software do you use?

    I'm having issues with the quality that my videos come out in. I did A LOT of research and tinkering and every forum suggests that I record at 60FPS in 1080p with a bit rate of 21MB – because YT diminishes the video quality when they've finished rendering it – but yet when I watch a lot of videos on YT in 1080p and higher, they look as though it's native and I'm playing the game myself. I have an obvious conundrum. Any advice would be deeply appreciated.

  5. Can you enable performance mode in this build? Since you're not recording in 4k it would make more sense to get 60 FPS videos here.

  6. My god this is literally Horizon 3 with a different map and like 30 new cars. literally everything else is the same. they couldn't even change the HUD for a fresh feel. Considering how god awful horizon 3's PC port was I'm sure as shit not buying this.

  7. They made the handling better but support for the G920 is still wacky. no ABXY or any other button displays. A is button 6, for example

  8. If it has better wheel support I'll pick it up. Otherwise I dont mind waiting for it to go on sale. Looks like Horizon 3 with a few little things – nothing really screams at me. The weekly season change is the only thing that made me say – cool!

  9. Love horizon 3 even bought my first xbox just to play it but with the emphasis on character cosmetics and emotes is a huge turn off for me and those cutscenes are terrible.

  10. Most of you play with controller or wheel ? I have Forza Motorsport 7 and use only wheel, haven't Forza Horizon. Don't know is it good idea to use wheel on Horizon ? I hate controller.

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