Definitive Ranking of the Legend of Zelda Series – Part 2

Definitive Ranking of the Legend of Zelda Series - Part 2
Over the course of this four part series, Mases and Gooey will discuss and rank all of the single player games in the main Legend of Zelda series. Each episode we will pick four games at random and we must come to an agreement on where it will be placed on our list!

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Definitive Ranking of the Legend of Zelda Series – Part 2

16 thoughts on “Definitive Ranking of the Legend of Zelda Series – Part 2”

  1. I thought I would not like TP's music at all from the Wii menu and title screen music, but I did like some of it. I thought the Hyrule Field track was kinda cool.
    I've said this before, but I wasn't bothered by the WW sailing(even after playing PH first!) and Triforce quest AT ALL! I am a WW fan: It's one my favorites!(The only one of these 8 that I could say is in the my "favorites" group; On the top of these 8)

  2. Wow tho

    I’m at five. How could you POSSIBLE put FUCKING SPIRIT TRACKS(!!!!) BEFORE Twilight Princess!? It’s a joke right? And the black sheep of the entire series-Zelda II at second? Wow guys, you’ve gotta stop the nostalgia penetrating you guys’s minds.


  3. “Today on Zelda Dungeon, we’re going to see just how much of our audience we can get to unsub.”

  4. Just to add to my list… but it's refreshing to hear differing opinions on where games rank because everyone likes different things and has different levels of expectations on certain parts of the game. For me, I didn't think TP had an empty world. But one thing I do agree on is that the beginning takes way too long. And how could you two not mention the temple of the ocean king and how bad it was!!!!

    I'm interested to see where Skyward Sword, OoT and BotW rank when the next 2 videos come out as well. I hated Skyward Sword, think BotW should be on top and honestly (because I'm so late to the game) did not think Ocarina was that amazing. Sorry…. haha

  5. Well… I haven't played all of them but I do know a lot about them so we'll have to go with that… but of these 8 games…

    1. Oracle of Ages. Yes. Story…. items… characters… the definition of underrated.
    2. Twilight Princess. Twilight Princess. For me it's the nostalgia factor… 1st 3D game played but I agree with all the pros and cons but I feel like the dungeons, characters (Midna especially) and the story should have propelled it further on your list. Somewhere in the middle perhaps?
    3. Oracle of Seasons. My first ever Zelda game so… it's gotta be up there. But definitely a notch below Ages.
    4. Spirit Tracks. I like trains… what can I say. I also think it had the better temple you return to over and over again v. PH.
    5. Zelda II. I'm not a huge fan of this style in general. I think it was clear Zelda was going to go in a certain direction and it wasn't this way. Though it makes sense that they would figure it out and certainly we can all appreciate how challenging a game it is.
    6. Wind Waker. Sailing isn't great…. I mean the pirate aspect is amazing but it gets a little old. Warping takes too long though once you get it, it makes things super easy. Lack of intricate dungeons…
    7. Link's Awakening. I think the Oracle games just out class it. But a great beginning for the gameboy.
    8. Phantom Hourglass. I'm sorry but the Temple of the Ocean King might be the worst thing in a Zelda game other than Skyward Sword's motion controls and the Imprisoned fights ;). Linebeck is amazing though.

  6. Is there a way to play twilight princess/wind waker without their platforms? (Emulators)

  7. Here’s my all-games ranking…. but to appease Mases & Gooey I’m not gonna say which side is the top and which is the bottom hahahahaha

    Ocarina of Time
    Majora’s Mask
    Breath of the Wild
    A Link to the Past
    A Link Between Worlds
    Skyward Sword
    Wind Waker
    Twilight Princess
    The Legend of Zelda
    Adventure of Link
    Spirit Tracks
    Oracle of Ages
    Oracle of Seasons
    Phantom Hourglass
    Link’s Awakening
    Minish Cap

  8. Should just change the title of this video to "The Triggering". Lot of people got their childhood nostalgia blinders on.

  9. From a nostalgia perspective…this list hurts my soul a little bit. xD But it makes a lot of sense if you throw that out. (And I will try.)

  10. twilight princess and wind waker are the best, ocarina and majora most nostalgic. breath of the wild the best ever since twilight princess. just my opinion.

  11. Hey Zelda dungeon, can you tell us why you prefer phantom hourglass over wind waker? I am a little confused at your reasoning based on their overworlds. I feel that you left out the fact that you cannot go anywhere immediately in phantom hourglass even after the second dungeon or so. Compared to Wind Waker, you are free to explore after the second dungeon.

  12. Windwaker is amazing to me. And I don't even think the sailing was a problem. But then again I love the ocean in general…. Enjoyed the video, but vastly disagree with the bottom 2 choices. But hey, that's what makes it unpredictable and interesting. But yeah, Windwaker would definitely top my list here. In fact, I think only OOT tops TWW on my entire list of all Zelda games. Each to their own! Looking forward to ep 3. I still think you should extend to 5 eps though, adding FS, FSA, and TH, as there are 19 official canon zelda games, and those 3 can be played as single player

  13. By far the worst list Ive ever seen, nobody in their right mind thinks Oracle of Ages and Adventure of Link is better than Twilight Princess.

  14. I felt it might have been a bit of a harsh judgment for Twilight Princess. But if I’m being honest, as much as I loved TP, I had no idea where to place it either.

    Edit: you are making a very controversial list putting wind waker so low as well. But I kind of like it

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