CHILD’S PLAY Remake in the Works | Chucky Video Game?! | VICTOR CROWLEY VHS Release | Slash ‘N Cast

CHILD'S PLAY Remake in the Works | Chucky Video Game?! | VICTOR CROWLEY VHS Release | Slash 'N Cast
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CHILD’S PLAY Remake in the Works | Chucky Video Game?! | VICTOR CROWLEY VHS Release | Slash ‘N Cast

20 thoughts on “CHILD’S PLAY Remake in the Works | Chucky Video Game?! | VICTOR CROWLEY VHS Release | Slash ‘N Cast”

  1. Timestamps for today's topics! –

    Child's Play Remake – 01:20
    Charlie: The Legend – 07:15
    Scream Comes Home – 14:48
    Friday the 13th: Part 5 Vinyl Soundtrack – 18:56
    VICTOR CROWLEY VHS Release – 20:13
    To Hell and Back BluRay Release – 23:00

  2. I want a Nightmare on Elm Street game when you can be Freddy and make your own dream sequence and kills

  3. Maybe scrap the whole childs play name and chucky doll and instead use the female doll this time and call it tiffany

  4. Honestly a Freddy game would be awesome it could be just like friday a first person view for the killer as well it would be an online game. Could be up to 8 players one person would have to fall asleep to pull Krueger out but you need a reliable friend to wake you up when it's time.

  5. I read Kane Hodders book and was very touched by all he went through, very awesome book and now the Blu-ray finally getting released I cant wait to receive mine

  6. Fuck Child’s Play & Scream, I want a Halloween or Nightmare On Elm Street game!! Lol

  7. I don’t want a child’s play remake I want to see what happens after cult of Chucky

  8. Well I have thought on childs play and may not be Chucky At all allow me to explain and then you can give your thoughts. Back in the late 70's I believe they was a movie named Child's Play that had nothing to do with Killer dolls. When the movie begins you see the mom waking up and making breakfast for her family but when she goes to get some water for coffee The pressure is lol then this goop starts to take over the house the water stops working together and it is getting hotter all the time. they can't out of the house because something is outside the house encasing it around two feet away. They try to dig out and begin to notice that a lot of the same symbol is on almost everything in the house. Looks like a bullseyes with a lighting bolt going through it. Well digging doesn't work they just run into a big plate with the same symbol. By The end of the movie we find out that t was a little alien girls doll house. Her brother had taken it and hid it in the often and stuck a candy bar down the chimmey that was the mysterious goop. Oy family were the little girls dolls. It was getting hotter because the oven had no ventilation. So maybe that is the remake they are talking about because i doubt newline cinema has those rights. BUt A Chucky series is coming out? Thats cool

  9. Basically it's like making a terminator movie with zero skynet, zero machines, but saying that it's a.. Terminator film? Am I right?

  10. Thanks for covering our Victor Crowley VHS release! ArieScope sold out of all of their allotted copies (50 standard and 30 bloody variants) in a day, but the remaining 420 copies – including the exclusive line art edition – will be for sale on this Friday at 9am PST/12pm EST. I can't wait to see your unboxing video and hear about you 4:3 viewing experience!

  11. Still waiting for that scream video game 🎮 scream has gone silent since scream 4 and the series

  12. I really want the chucky game to go well but with all the facts that we know , this seems hella shady…. but it could very well be like an F13 situation to where they could get the license ,but Summer camp was a completely different game and this chucky game is a legit rip off of chucky …

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