Call of Duty “BLACKOUT” Battle Royale Leaked..

Call of Duty’s Battle Royale mode “Blackout” had a ton of leaks today..
● Nuketown 4.0 in Black Ops 4:


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Call of Duty “BLACKOUT” Battle Royale Leaked..

15 thoughts on “Call of Duty “BLACKOUT” Battle Royale Leaked..”

  1. Map size is the reason why they can do only 50-64 which is fine. Island Of Nyne looks good with the 50 player games and Darwin Project has 10 players on the map. So it's all map size

  2. I’m kinda getting bored of Fortnite but I don’t want to spend $60 on another cod that will last a week. What’s the best option to do?

  3. Doesn’t matter cod is dead this game will lose its player base within first month or two only thing that will keep people playing is black out. I’m not a fortnite fanboy either before y’all cod fanboys get all triggered

  4. Why can’t we just have both? Attachment based and rarity based, that’s just even more customization for the player and will allow for beginner and advanced players to both have fun playing

  5. Weapon rarity should be a mix of PUBG and Fortnite. Increase damage/range/spread while also adding in an extra slot for an attachment or maybe allowing a different (better?) attachment to be equipped.

  6. Oh hey look.. one of the Fortnite sellouts is back.. I hope you come back to CoD because Fortnite is getting boring.

  7. Zombies dosent look good to me and cods engine 100% will probably not run 100+ players in blackout.

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