7 Intense Secret Video Game Levels You Can’t Handle

7 Intense Secret Video Game Levels You Can't Handle
Think you’ve completed the game? Bah, think again. Think this secret level will reward you for finding it? BAH, THINK AGAIN.

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7 Intense Secret Video Game Levels You Can’t Handle

19 thoughts on “7 Intense Secret Video Game Levels You Can’t Handle”

  1. Mortal kombat shaolin monks. Getting a special axe to hit the lava in a specific spot is just one condition to unlocking the secret level which is insanely hard

  2. You didn't even play it, right? Castlevania SOTN, including the inverted castle, is relatively easy, compared to action games back then. That means it's still beatable without hacks or endless grinding.

  3. I think the original way of unlocking The Lost in The Binding of Isaac Rebirth was wild and worth making a second list.

    To unlock The Lost you need to (in order) :

    1 – Isaac must die to a Mulliboom in The Basement or The Cellar.

    2 – Magdalene must die to her own bomb in The Caves or The Catacombs

    3 – Judas must die to any Mom attack in The Depths or Necropolis.

    4 – Azazel must die to Satan in Sheol.

    Dying in any other way will mean you need to start from scratch.

    Completing these tasks unlock the playable character, The Lost. He dies from a single hit.

    Recently they have made unlocking it easier and you can make the character better through completing other tasks, but the OG unlocking always sticks out to me.

  4. I don't think the minus world counts for this. A secret level is a level hidden in the game on purpose. The minus world is just a glitch.

  5. "Now honestly I'm not gonna go into the specifics. I mean, I barely understand it anyway." Literally Scott's entire existence on this channel makes sense now.

  6. I haven't played Symphony of the Night yet (I really should at some point), but the Zero Punctuation review said that the upside down castle is actually the entire second half of the game! Less a secret level you can't handle, and more like a book that you don't realize had most of its pages torn out.

  7. The battle after the credits in Shining Force 2. Hope you level grinded like crazy before trying this. The thing that sucks is that all you get for beating it is a congrats message.

  8. For me, I think that this should have included "Illusion of Gaia". True, it's an old game but it's the first game I ever found a secret level for. Collecting all 50 of the red gems was a challenge in itself especially because there were some that if you missed, you'd have to start the whole game over to find. And to this day, I've never beaten that hidden level. The boss always bested me.

  9. So apparently Whatculture doesn't even know what a "level" is in a game lol. I don't think getting a dragon punch is a whole new secret level. I don't think a series of ridiculous steps to get a protect ring is a "level" either. Maybe you it should have just been titled "video game secrets you can't handle unlocking" 🤔

  10. Ahhh i cheesed my way to the shoryuken, damage invincibility frame my butt through the hard spikes 😛 well as much as i could, those bats… handy

  11. What the fuck? The Inverted Castle is part of the intended story progression, nothing secret about it. You aren't meant to end that game after beating Richter without the Holy Glasses. Meanwhile where are the C-sides in Celeste; the series of levels so absurd only true masochists attempt them.

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