10 Scariest Video Game Moments Of The Decade (So Far)

10 Scariest Video Game Moments Of The Decade (So Far)
It’s been twenty years since Resident Evil but things are only getting scarier.

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10 Scariest Video Game Moments Of The Decade (So Far)

18 thoughts on “10 Scariest Video Game Moments Of The Decade (So Far)”

  1. I nearly shit myself playing the entire game of Outlast 2….. thank god they actually mad outlast underpants. Holy shit- (pun intended)

  2. This list is just so unsatisfying. Where is dead space? Which kinda revolutionised survival horror during a time where there was no good horror game. Where is amnesia and/or outlast which are the equivalent to a shit your pants simulator?

  3. my main concern is "…reach out and drag you into the shadows when your mum wants ug ug bang bang time". Are…are you ok, dude?

  4. I am so glad to see Thief on this list. That series is my favorite of all time and I never expected that level to be as scary as it was because that’s not what that game was about. It took me soooo long to finish it because I kept pausing it instead of facing the shenanigans of that level. Once I beat it, I never replayed that level. No thanks. Once was enough.

  5. Ok but RE7 biohazard should’ve been in here… that moment in the basement when you’re turning the corner and the molded just looms in front of you is terrifying

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