10 Crazy Hidden Dialogue Messages In Video Games

10 Crazy Hidden Dialogue Messages In Video Games
Have you ever heard something in a game that weren’t supposed to? Today I’m diving into my top 10 hidden dialogues in video games.

In this week’s video I actually visit some classic arcade cabinets in arcades to show off some insane and surprising easter eggs in arcade games.

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Games Featured -SPOILERS-
Backyard Baseball
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords
Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars
Batman: Arkham City
Pokemon X & Y
Mother 3
Life Is Strange
Metroid Fusion

Thanks to Orange Velocity, FluffRave, Cassandra Lipp, for their contributions to this video.

Music By Dark Colour (my music project)

Clips and References

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Munching Orange – Pokemon X & Y Secret Message

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Mother 3 – PaperMario15

Portal – Hidden Dialogue

Life Is Strange – Hidden Code Dialogue

Metroid Fusion – Shinespark Hidden Dialogue


10 Crazy Hidden Dialogue Messages In Video Games
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  1. There's a glitch in one of the GC spyro games, where you talk with a farmer after doing some task, and the dialog will be
    Spyro: What
    Farmer: What
    Spyro: What
    Farmer: EXACTLY!
    (I don't know if it was the copy i had that was corrupted during manufacture, or this was just a programmer oversight.)

  2. Demon stalkers c64 had scrolls u could do that little big planet 2 3 and Minecraft you could do that too there is no cow level

  3. When you mentioned MOTHER 3, and said that Flint is a friend of the characters, I think I should quickly inform you of something. Flint is the main character's dad.

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